2018/19 SEASON

The 2018/19 Season is chock full of discoveries about life, love, and the pursuit of our dreams. Come, let’s make more memories together.

Sept 4–Oct 7


By Brian Friel | Directed by Amber Paige McGinnis

Irish master storyteller Brian Friel casts a nostalgic and transportive Tony Award-winning tale of five unmarried sisters and a household framed by their strength and persistence, where “anything goes”—until it doesn’t. Step back in time to the summer of 1936, and a small Irish village, where young Michael recalls pennies pinched, hopes hindered, and love thwarted during a life-changing moment in the Mundy family’s world—where a new radio, a homecoming, and the festive season for dance conjures a ravishing spell of ritual, remembrance, and the Chekhovian riddle of whether “memory” is something one has… or something one has lost. Subscribe Today!

Oct 23–Nov 25


By Lynn Nottage | Directed by Vincent M. Lancisi

Having grown up side-by-side in small-town working-class America, best friends Tracey and Cynthia went from fun-loving schoolchildren to saloon-loving adults who work together on a steel manufacturing line. In a tight-knit community like this one, however, it takes but one fracture in its core for the breaking point of friendship to be seismically tested. Inspired by field research and first-person testimonials collected in Reading, PA, Lynn Nottage’s unflinching, intensely researched, and Pulitzer-winning slice-of-life drama, Sweat, captures the pressure cooker of NAFTA-inflicted trying times—where a lethal combination of layoffs, lockouts, and picket lines sends the Rust Belt way of life into crisis. Subscribe Today!

Dec 4–Dec 30


By Oscar Wilde | Directed by Joseph W. Ritsch

Oscar Wilde’s much-loved tour-de-farce receives an uproarious Resident Company revival with this landmark lampoon of Victorian norms—a jovial joyride of double lives, double entendres, and labyrinthine twists and turns. Algernon’s cousin Gwendolen and her friend Cecily both fall for a man named Ernest (of whom Lady Bracknell—played by company member Bruce Randolph Nelson—disapproves), but whether wit or wisdom will prevail is anybody’s guess! Courtships, class, and convention square off with handbags, puns, and perambulators in this deliciously quotable comedy—a madcap masterpiece about marriage, morality, and mistaken identity. Subscribe Today!

Jan 29–Feb 24


By Chelsea Marcantel | Directed by Noah Himmelstein

Imagine a knock at the door from the hand complicit in a family tragedy: When the repentant driver in a fatal collision seeks forgiveness from the Amish family whose sons’ lives he claimed, faith guides them to welcome him into their community—and their home. But as inconvenient truths from the family’s past are discovered, can their outpouring of empathy be as limitless as it seems? Resident Company members Bruce Randolph Nelson and Deborah Hazlett plumb the depths of an outlying culture in this enthralling, critically acclaimed drama about a peaceful community wrestling regret, redemption, and contradiction. Subscribe Today!

Mar 12–Apr 7


By Donald Margulies | Directed by Vincent M. Lancisi

Like any culinary trend, relationships are destined to evolve over time—but can the recipe of friendship retain its zest if the key ingredients begin to change? A fabulous dinner at the home of food writers Gabe and Karen proves hard to swallow when Beth drops the bomb that husband Tom wants out of their 12-year marriage. Suddenly, both couples find themselves grappling with questions of loyalty, individuality, and commitment in Donald Margulies’ deliciously funny, sharply observed Pulitzer Prize-winning drama—celebrating its 20th anniversary this season with the time-tested flavor and richness of a classic dish. Subscribe Today!

May 7–June 23 | Repertory World Premiere!


By Caleen Sinnette Jennings | Directed by Paige Hernandez

Honest, funny, and dancing with heart, Queens Girl In The World chronicles the misadventures of bright-eyed, brown-skinned Jacqueline Marie Butler, whose sudden transfer from a protective, middle class late-1950s upbringing in Queens to a progressive, predominantly-Jewish private school in Greenwich Village, adds comical confusion to her already quizzical, fish-out-of-water adolescence. Lively and poignant—and punctuated with the irresistible sound of Motown—Queens Girl In The World tags along for a young woman’s journey of self-discovery, at the onset of Civil Rights-era social change. Subscribe Today!


By Caleen Sinnette Jennings | Directed by Paige Hernandez

When her family ups and moves to Nigeria following the assassination of civil rights leader Malcolm X (a close personal family friend), the infectiously spirited Jacqueline Marie Butler finds herself at a crossroads of personal and political upheaval, bearing the weight of Africa (and the world) on her slim—yet spunky—shoulders. Entertaining and uplifting, Queens Girl In Africa captures an unforgettable moment in time for a teenager abroad—when questions of self and place intertwine with the realities of homework and hormones as Jacqueline assuredly, hilariously navigates the energy, excitement and unpredictability of the 1960s. Subscribe Today!