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American Theatre Magazine: Everyman About Town
Friday, January 04, 2013

"In 1990, [Baltimore] saw one old theatre close its doors and a new one set up shop in a storefront.  Now the twain meet, as Everyman Theatre, the scrappy upstart from the Station North arts district, moves into a long-shuttered vaudeville house, the Empire Theatre, a little over a mile away in the city's historic but blighted Westside," reports American Theatre Magazine.  "It might be counted as a hopeful sign that, though the Empire Theatre, which opened in 1911, has gone by other names over the years – for a while it was a burlesque house called the Palace, then a movie theatre called the Town – it kept a prominent "E" carved at the top of the building.  That's one thing Everyman didn't have to change at all."  

The full article can be seen in the January edition of American Theatre Magazine


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