Play a Role: Private Lives

Private Lives by Noël Coward
Curt Decker’s turn of the century Mount Vernon apartment is a perfect setting to read this sophisticated 1930s comedy about a divorced couple who unexpectedly honeymoon (with their new spouses) at the same place. Mahogany panels, wonderful moldings, a comfy fireplace and an eclectic collection of artwork provide the backdrop for a reading of Private Lives; sip, sup and laugh. Tickets: $75.

Hosted by Curt Decker | Mount Vernon


Play a Role: The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple by Neil Simon
A divorced slob and a neat freak, recently separated from his wife, decide to share an apartment. This unlikely duo makes for hilarious exchanges in this well-known comedy, which has also been written for female leads. Be joyfully entertained by Neil Simon’s play as you dine and enjoy city views from the Canal Street Malt House, built to service the many Baltimore distillers in the 19th century. You will also have an opportunity to view some energetic Baltimore graffiti art in this modern home. Tickets: $75.

Play a Role: 12 Angry Jurors

12 Angry Jurors by Reginald Rose
The jurors may be angry but tonight’s participants will be fully engaged in seeking the truth. Gather for an enlightened reading of this classic play where a 19-year-old has just stood trial for the fatal stabbing of his father. It looks like an open and shut case until one of the jurors begins to probe the facts. Enjoy food and fellowship at this Tudor-style condominium of Everyman Board Member Jean W. Brune, located adjacent to the first strip shopping center in the country, which was built in 1895. Tickets: $75.

Play a Role: A Few Good Men

A Few Good Men by Aaron Sorkin
Wanted: a few good men (and women) to read A Few Good Men. Do you fancy yourself as Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise or Demi Moore? Or do you prefer to watch from the jury box? This is a story of military lawyers at a court martial who uncover a high level conspiracy in the course of defending two U.S. Marines. Join Everyman Board Member Betsy Nelson and husband David, self-proclaimed charter members of the Sorkin Fan Club, at their Warrington condominium. We promise good chow and no KP (Kitchen Patrol). Tickets: $75.

Pay What You Can: Los Otros

Pay-What-You-Can (suggested minimum donation: $5) to see the final dress rehearsal of the latest Everyman Theatre production. Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis at the Everyman Theatre Box Office the day of the performance beginning at 5:30pm. Tickets must be paid for in cash. Seating is general admission. Find show information here.


For family, caregivers and practitioners.


Saturday, January 7, 2017 at 10:30am
2nd floor lounge

Timeslips is a collaborative storytelling method developed specifically for people with dementia-related memory loss that replaces the pressure to remember with the freedom to imagine. 

World of the Play: Dot

Join us on December 17 at 5:00 PM for an in-depth panel discussion into the themes and topics of Dot. Hosted by Marc Steiner (WEAA's The Marc Steiner Show).

This event is FREE for subscribers! Non-subscriber tickets are just $5.

Subscribers must call the Box Office to reserve tickets.


Grab your girlfriends, book a babysitter and join (Cool) Progeny and the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore for an evening of theatre fun. Enjoy an exclusive cocktail party and then take in the comedy The Roommate by Jen Silverman featuring Everyman Theatre Resident Company members Deborah Hazlett and Beth Hylton.

TNT: Noises Off

Students in grades 9-12 are invited to TNT, a teens only event which takes our shows to a whole new level.