M. Butterfly

Nothing sets the heart aflame like an illusion in the mind’s eye.

Time Stands Still

Sarah and James – a photographer and a journalist – share a passion for the adrenaline rush caused from reporting in the world’s deadliest war zones. As reporters, their lives are devoted to telling the toughest stories from across the globe. But how do you separate yourself from the action you witness? How do you create an impartial lens? When their own story takes a sudden turn during a bomb blast in Iraq, the wounded Sarah returns home with James to the safety of New York.


Based on the work of Gerald Sibleyras and winner of the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy! The year is 1959. Three aging World War I veterans find themselves residing together in a military retirement home in the French countryside. They pass the time on their favorite isolated terrace – gossiping, joking, and generally irritating one another. Looking out to the cemetery beyond, the trio dream of their freedom. Our three heroes (along with a statue of a dog!) set into motion a courageous and adventurous escape plan to make their escape once and for all.

August: Osage County

One of the most critically acclaimed and gripping dramas in recent history. Featuring an all-star cast of your favorite Resident Company Members – welcome to August: Osage County. When the patriarch of the Weston Family vanishes one hot summer night, the acid-tongued, pill-popping mother summons her grown daughters and their families to reunite at the Oklahoma homestead. Dinner is served, lies are told, and long-held family secrets are unflinchingly revealed. Tracy Letts’ comic-tragedy exposes the emotional destruction that rips through generations if nothing stops its path.

God of Carnage

From the playwright that brought you Art, comes this hilarious 2009 Tony Award Winner for Best Play. Two high-strung couples, Alan and Annette Raleigh and Michael and Veronica Novak, decide to meet one evening for a civilized discussion about a playground altercation between their two young sons.


Their father named them Lincoln and Booth…as a joke. Two African-American brothers – left to live life on their own without any parents – learned to survive as street savvy hustlers. Now grown men, their names and their histories haunt them. Lincoln becomes an Abraham Lincoln impersonator, shot nightly by tourists at a local attraction, while Booth tries to pick up his brother’s card skills. The brothers find themselves constantly conning those on the street and, ultimately, each other in this darkly funny fable about family grievances, racism, deep wounds and healing.


Billy is a young man who lives with an intellectual, chaotic and sharp-tongued family. Arguments and insults regularly fly around the dinner table, all while Billy silently watches the scene unfold - he has been deaf since birth. He has managed to adapt to his family's unconventional ways, but they've never really returned the favor. His world is turned upside down when he meets Sylvia, a young woman on the cusp of deafness herself.

The Beaux' Stratagem

Swashbuckling fun from start to finish, this vibrant new adaptation of Farquhar's classic restoration comedy from the masterful minds of Thornton Wilder (Our Town) and Ken Ludwig (Crazy for You) is full of dazzling wordplay, swooning damsels-in-distress and dashing sword-fight rescues.  The original wing-man comedy, two young gents tumble head-first into love in ultimate romantic comedy fashion proving 300 years hasn't changed a thing when it comes to love!  Wilder and Ludwig's sparkling adaptation infuses Farquhar's tale with enchanting characters, fun and frolic.

By the Way, Meet Vera Stark

It’s the height of 1930s Hollywood. Film studios are filled with glitz, glamor, and eager starlets just waiting to be discovered. Enter Vera Stark, a determined and headstrong African-American maid to a white movie star. But it turns out that Vera is an actress, too! When the stars align and both actresses are cast in the same Southern epic, the story behind the cameras leaves Vera with an unexpected and controversial legacy scholars will question for decades to come.

The Dresser

Both hilarious and heartbreaking, The Dresser is a backstage tale of life upon the wicked stage and the power that theatre has to lift the human spirit in times of great strife. As Britain is under attack from German aircraft, a group of traveling, ragtag Shakespearean players tours the English countryside performing the Bard's tragic masterpiece – King Lear. Sir is the last of the great actors of a generation that has since passed. As he prepares to play his 227th performance as Lear, he suddenly realizes he cannot recall his first line.