High School Matinee Program

The High School Matinee Program has been providing Baltimore City Students access to Everyman's productions completely free of charge for over fifteen years. It is our flagship education program and through it we have been able to create deep and lasting relationships with several local high schools, and many teachers and students.

The premise of the program is to provide the same group of students repeat exposure to theatre throughout an entire school year. We provide in-school workshops (both before and after the performance), study guides, access to our actors through talkbacks after each show, bus transportation to and from the school, and of course attendance at professional live theatre productions. All of these experiences are provided entirely free of charge to both the school and the students.

To apply to become a partner school in the Matinee Program, please fill out and send back the below application form to education@everymantheatre.org

High School Matinee Program Application
High School Matinee Program Application (115 KB) Download >

Everyman Theatre’s High School Matinee Program is very unique and it is a separate, designated, funded program from our other student matinee opportunities. If you are interested in getting tickets to a show for your class, please contact Marketing Director Michele Alexander at malexander@everymantheatre.org

Interested in bringing a student group to individual shows?

If you are a teacher who's interested in bringing your class to see individual shows, you can contact Marketing Director Michele Alexander at malexander@everymantheatre.org for more information on group sales for student matinees outside of the High School Matinee Program.

Questions? Contact the education department at 443-615-7055x7142 or education@everymantheatre.org