Construction Progress

Keep updated on the construction of our new home!  Everyman Theatre will be located on W. Fayette Street at the corner of N. Eutaw Street, just blocks from the Inner Harbor. Construction will be complete in the fall of 2012. The new theatre will open with the Baltimore premiere of August: Osage County in January, 2013.  Check back often for new images of our construction.


Latest update 12/10/12:

The second floor lobby

The new classroom

The employee lounge

The bar area in the first floor lobby

 Eutaw Street Entrance.

 The front lobby, facing Fayette Street entrance.


Inside the house of the theatre.


Front Lobby and Mezzanine.

 Inside the house of the theatre.


 Another view of the house of the theatre.


 Looking from the tech shop into the theatre.


 Another view of the stage from the shop.


 Tech office window.


A look down on of the Hallways.


 Administrative office area.


 A view of the hoistway between the 1st and 2nd floors.


 Here is look at the Black Box theatre on the second floor.


 A view of the second floor lobby.


The third floor.


Tech shop loading dock.


 A view of the front facade from the Atrium parking garage.


 Another view of the Fayette Street Entrance.


Latest update 7/17/12: 

A look into the backstage area of the new Everyman. 

Inside the seating area of the new theatre.

Our new rehearsal space, which will become a second theatre in seasons to come.  

The lower lobby area under construction.   

The second floor lobby outside of the rehearsal space. 

An interior hallway on the second floor.  

A look from backstage out onto the new stage area.  

Latest update 6/1/12: 

The newly revealed Fayette Street facade of Everyman Theatre.
Notice the "E" at the very top, which once stood for "Empire Theatre."  It will now proudly stand for "Everyman." 

The New Everyman Stage!

The seating area within the new theatre, which will include 250 reserved seats. 


A look at the risers inside the seating area of the new theatre.  

The 2nd Floor Lobby, which is easily accessible by both stairs and elevator.  


The front lobby will feature a full bar and a mezzanine seating area  


Latest Update: 1/20/12

Construction continues within the new building

Latest Update: 10/21/11

The front lobby just after construction began 

The future site of the first floor lobby 

The facade under construction 

Latest Update: 9/16/11

The existing stage as construction began 

The former theatre space as construction began 

The front of the theatre before construction began on restoring the historic facade