Architect: Cho Benn Holback + Associates

Contractor: Lewis Contractors

Consultants: Theatre Project Consultants of New York and London

Owner's Representative: Bob Tucker Consulting Inc.


Honorary Co-Chairs
Gordon Becker and William Couper
Campaign Co-Chairs
Gina and Dan Hirschhorn
Steering Committee Members
Neal Borden
Jason Frank
Laurie Frank
Maurice Furchgott
Ellen Stifler
Martha Weiman


Vic Romita, Building Committee Chair
Patricia Egan
Judith Needham
Ian Neuman
Kyle Prue
Del Riseberg


$1,000,000 and above

Bank of America

City of Baltimore

France-Merrick Foundation 

$500,000 - 999,999

The Abell Foundation

Jane and Worth B. Daniels, Jr.

Harold A. Dawson Trust

The David and Barbara B. Hirschhorn Foundation

$250,000 – 499,999

Lord Baltimore Capital Corporation

The Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation

State of Maryland

$100,000 – 249,999

The Henry and Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Foundation

Bunting Family Foundation

Clayton Baker Trust

Gina B. and Daniel B. Hirschhorn

Robert E. Meyerhoff and Rheda Becker

Vic and Nancy Romita

Sylvan/Laureate Foundation


The William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund

Gordon and Marsha Becker  In memory of Rose and Lou Becker

The Becker Family Fund

Charlesmead Foundation

Susan W. Flanigan In memory of Pierce J. Flanigan III

The Harry L. Gladding Foundation

Lockhart Vaughan Foundation

R. Rex Rehfeld and Ellen T. O’Brien

Dr. E. Lee and Bea Robbins

The James G. Robinson Foundation

Rouse Company Foundation

 Jean and Sidney Silber

Susan A. and Paul C. Wolman, Jr. Fund



Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Blue Moon Fund  In honor of David and Shirley Hollander

Ruth Carol Fund

Luke T. Cooper

Richard and Rosalee C. Davison Foundation

Maurice and Debra Furchgott

Gordon, Feinblatt, Rothman, Hoffberger & Hollander, LLC

Betty Huse MD Charitable Foundation

John J. Leidy Foundation

Jonathan A. Melnick

Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds

Kenneth C. Montague, Jr.

Judith Needham and Warren Kilmer

PNC Bank

Zelig and Linda Robinson

George Roche

Leonard R. Sachs and Lainy Lebow-Sachs

Sheridan Foundation

Bob and Jackie Smelkinson

T. Rowe Price Associates Foundation

Martha and Stan Weiman



American Trading and Production Corporation Matching Gifts Foundation

Brooks and Susan Amiot

Robert R. Bowie, Jr.

Mary Catherine Bunting

Patricia Egan and Peter Hegeman

Susan Sachs Fleishman

Jason and Laurie Frank

Charlton Friedberg  In memory of Elspeth Udvarhelyi 

Marci Gordon and Andrew Barnstein

Niki and Alan Harris

Barbara and Carl Hecht

Sandra and Thomas Hess

Bridget and John Horner  In memory of M. Patricia Ward

Jeannie L. Howe and Alan Kreizenbeck

The Nelson Neuman Family

W. Bryan and Jennifer Rakes

Alison and Arnold Richman

Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Rosenberg

Christine and Scott Schreibstein

Stockman Family Foundation  

Sam and Meg Woodside  In honor of Bill Couper


Gail and Emile Bendit

Mr. and Mrs. Neal D. Borden

Shaun F. Carrick and Ronald W. Griffin

Nathan and Glenda Chernoff

Constellation Energy Matching Gifts Foundation

The Cordish Family Foundation

Howard and Chaya Friedman  In honor of Gina and Dan Hirschhorn

J. Mayo Greenberg Theatre Fund In honor of Vivienne Shub

Shelly Greenberg and Han Tol  In honor of Vivienne Shub

Louise A. Hager

Donald Hebb, Jr.

Fred and Sandra Hittman Philanthropic Fund

Shirley Thim Hollander  In memory of Dr. David H. Hollander

Mr. William C. Jacob, Jr. and Ms. Jennifer S. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Johnson  

Bath Kaplan and Bruce Sholk

Mr. and Mrs. E. Robert Kent, Jr.

Ronnie Kleiman

Vincent Lancisi and Robin Vanscoy

Dr. Franck C. Marino Foundation

Dr. David M. and Nancy Paige

Brian Rothstein  In honor of Vivienne Shub

 J. Arnold Soltz  In honor of Vivienne Shub

William and Ellen Stifler

Dr. and Mrs. George Udvarhelyi

Lawrence Yumkas and Miriam Fisher


Anonymous (3)

George and Frances Alderson

William Appel

Preston G. Athey

Robert Bair

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Bernstein, Jr.

William and Pat Bettridge

Patty Bond

Michael J. Borowitz and Barbara J. Crain

Arnold and Joyce Bruckner

Julia Nickles Bryan and Charles Bryan  In honor of Jessica Nickles Bryan and John Hughes Bryan

George Bunting, Jr.

Gina Campbell

Paul and Kathleen Casey

Dawna  M. Cobb

Suzanne F. Cohen

Jerry and Carol Doctrow

Ellin & Tucker, Chartered

Todd and Kathleen Elliott

Susie and Bob Fetter

Genine and Josh Fidler

Nelson Fishman

John and Dorothy Foellmer

Norman and Mitzi Glick

Fred M. Gloth, Jr.

Herbert and Harriet Goldman

Stephen and Julie Gottlieb

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gutman

John V. and Susan M. Hailman

Jenness Hall and Peter Wilson  In honor of Ian Tresselt

Terry Halle and Wendy McAllister

Fritzi K. and Robert J. Hallock

Susan Hirschhorn and Arthur Klebanoff

Leroy Hoffberger

Hoffberger Family Philanthropies

Benno and Elayne Hurwitz Family Foundation

Ellen and Michael Jacobs  In honor of E. Lee and Bea Robbins

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Kaufman

Irving Kohn Foundation

Larry Koppelman and Elizabeth Ritter

The Abraham and Ruth Krieger Family Foundation

Mark and Sandra Laken

Judith and Herschel Langenthal

Richard M. Lansburgh

Jessica Lanzillotti

Linda F. and Julian L. Lapides

Beth and Harry Lebow

Bernard and Steffi Liberman

Jim and Jennifer Lighthizer

Wil Love and Carl Schurr

Joseph and Jane Meyer

The Miki Family

Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Miller, Jr.  In honor of Barbara L. Hecht

Elizabeth K. Moser

Marcia Moylan

Heather Nickler  In honor of Lauren K. Nikolaus

Brian and Eileen O'Rourke

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Pakula

Irene Patton

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Perlman

Donald J. Peters

Faye Ellen Pines

Preservation Maryland Heritage Fund

John and Marsha Ramsay

Reid and Kay Reininger

Sarah S. Robinson

Rona and Arthur Rosenbaum  In honor of Elspeth Udvarhelyi

Ben and Esther Rosenbloom Foundation

Robert and Lelia Russell

Dr. and Mrs. Albert B. Shackman

Gilda B. Sherman

Lisa Simeone and Tim Munn

Annette and Michael Saxon Fund

Eleanor B. Smith

Talcott-Gran Charitable Trust

Arthur and Marjorie Tanner

John and Nancy Taylor

JoAnn Tracey  In honor of Vivienne Shub and In memory of Art Levi

Dr. and Mrs. Peter Warschawski

Debra S. and Jospeh S. Weinberg  In honor of Gina and Dan Hirschhorn

Barbara White

Larzer and Linda Ziff


James L. Akers, Jr. and Deborah E. Patton

Jayson Amster and Tassie Hanna

Marianne Angelella

Brenda K. Ashworth and Donald F. Welch

Ira and Myra Askin

Ann Williams Baldwin Memorial Fund

Andre Barnett and Linda Sue Naiditch

Frank and Margaret Bien

Laura Black and Charles Klein

Jeannie Blaustein and Peter Bokor

Mr. and Mrs. A. Stanley Brager, Jr.

Edie Brown and Dr. Stanley Brown

Glenn A. and Catharine C. Brown

Linda and Donald Brown

Eric L. Buckner and Shelley Mazer

David Bundy and Katy Richardson

Virginia Kirby-Smith Carruthers

Chuck Cohen and Ann Amernick

Joan and Irv Cohen

Jo Ann Copes and Julien Colvin

Thomas F. Comber, III

Barbara Cornman

Arthur and Isadora Dellheim

Barbara and Louis Denrich

Jerry and Carol Doctrow

Lynne Durbin and JF Mergen

David and Sandra Durfee

Carole and Morton Ellin

Julia Evins and Stuart Rehr

George and Elaine Farrant

Peter and Madeline Filderman

Dennis and Patrick Flynn

John and Donna Folkemer

John and Elaine Freeman

Kenneth Furchgott

Jill and Ira Gansler

Gilah Press + Design

Harriet Gelles and John Fisher

Gordon and Martha Glenn

Alan and Helene Goldberg

Richard B. Gross

David and Anne Hamburger

Thomas Hamer

Richard R. and Beverly A. Harden

Michael and Deanna Hauser

Michael and Lora Hayes

Aaron Heinsman

Charles E. Henck and Karen L. Malloy In honor of Mary E. Malloy and Margaret B. Henck

Jean P. Hendricks

Betsy and George Hess

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Hillman

Barbara and Sam Himmelrich

David and Katherine Hurst

Richard and Merle Intner

Gisela and Edwin Jules  In honor of Elfriede and Paul Becker

Charles King

Scott Klinger and Kathy Brown

Kirk Kolodner and Betsy Ringel

Harriet and Jay Kramer

Dr. Alfred Kronthal In honor of Maurice Furchgott

Francine and Allan Krumholz

Stanford and Lynne Lamberg

Patricia Langenberg

Raymond and Carmela Lanza-Weil

Beth and Harry Lebow

Richard Lehmann and Kathleen Anne Feely

Sara W. Levi

P. Andrew Levinson In honor of Bea and Lee Robbins

Joseph and Ilene Liberman  In honor of Linda Robinson

Leslie and Marc Lichtenberg  In honor of Maurice and Debra Furchgott

Vernon Lidtke

Sam and Susie MacFarlane

James Macnicholl and Sara Lombardo

Teri Majewski  In honor of Rose of Sharon Equestrian School

Patrick Marytn

Linda Matheson

Hans and Judy Mayer

Dennis McGough

Richard Messick

Arthur Milholland and Luann Mostello

Howard B. Miller

Drs. Marilyn and Alan Miller

S. Murray Miller

Frank Mondimore and Jay Rubin

Dan and Shelley Morhaim

Morton Mower

Steve and Holly Narowanskie

Ruth Nolan

Norfolk Southern Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Dr. Mary O’Connor

Steve and Sherri O’Donnell

Dr. and Mrs. A. Harry Oleynick

Brian and Eileen O’Rourke

Joan Orso

Dale and Dorothy Piper

Jane and Ron Reifler

Eleanor Richwine

Sarah Robinson

Ted Rockwell

Kevin and Judy Rossiter

Audrey and Jim Rothschild

Janet and Jay Salkin

Elizabeth N. Saunders

William and Frederica Saxon

Dr. and Mrs. Frank Schuster In memory of Elspeth Udvarhelyi

Lois and Marvin Schuster

Alan R. Schwartz and Carla Wolf Rosenthal

Jules Shaivitz

Carole and Hanan Sibel

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Siegmeister

Karen Singer

Eleanor Solomon

Fred and Joan Marie Steffens

Harriet Stein and Mende Lerner

Damie Stillman

Bruce and Lynne Stuart

Doris Sweet

Barbara Taylor and Andrew Conn

Michael  L. Terrin

Melvin and Sally Thomas

Carol and David Traub

Edward and Ina Waldman

Michael Weinman

Janet and Joel Winegarden

Gladys W. Winter In memory of Elspeth Udvarhelyi

Carroll and Phyllis Yingling

CM and JL Young Family Foundation

Laurie S. Zabin

$100 – 499

Shelly Abrams


Anonymous  In honor of Gina and Dan Hirschhorn and Rex Rehfeld

Ira and Myra Askin

Baltimore Heritage, Inc.

Penny Bank

Michael Barocca

Kim Battista

Michele J. Baylin

Michael Beer

Benjamin and Florence Berdann

William and Pat Bettridge

James and Susan Biddison

Dr. and Mrs. Mordecai Blaustein

Dr. and Mrs. Barry Blum

Claire Bogdanski

Larry Boltansky

Carolyn Brenner

Ronnie Buerger

Fern H. Burford

Sheldon and Jamie Caplis

Anthony Carey

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn M. Carey

Paul Carlin

Diane E. Cho and David W. Benn

Susan L. Chomicz

Allen Cohen

Joan H. and Larry M. Cohen

Melissa and Jonathan Cordish

Albert F. Deloskey and Laurie Deering

Andy and Bernie Denick

Renny and Pat DiPentima

Phyllis Erlich

Mary Ann Facciolo and Michael Repka

Edgar Feingold

Zelda Fichandler In memory of Elspeth Udvarhelyi  

Miriam P. Fine  In honor of Douglas D. Connah, Jr.

Steven and Marie Fine

Dennis and Patricia Flynn

Richard Fishkin

Kenna Forsyth

Patrick and Barbara Francis

Stanley and Marilyn Gabor

Dr. Samuel D. Gaby   In memory of Nancy Gaby

Gail Gaines

Harriet Gelles and John Fisher

Stacey and Randy Getz In honor of Gina and Dan Hirschhorn

Dr. Howard H. Goldberg

Richard Goldberg

William H. and Mary C. Graham

Joyce Hens Green

Robert E. Greenfield

Ira and Roberta Greenstein

Paula Hackeling

Ardyth Hall

Monica Hausner

Shirley and Louis Hecht

Bonnie and Howard Heneson

Elayne Hettleman

Fred and Tammy Heyman

Leroy Hoffberger

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoffman

Irene Hornick

Betty Ann Howard

George and Grace Huber

Cheri and David Hurwitz and Family

Julius and Barbara Hyatt

Judith Iliff and Jacques Fein  In Memory of Laura and Myron Levine 

Sheryl  Jacobs and Steve Shorofsky

Gail and Leon Katz

The Honarable and Mrs. Duncan W. Keir

Sue B. Kenney

Kirk Kolodner and Betsy Ringel

Barbara and David Kornblatt

Debra Lacy

Ed and Sheri Land

Marilyn and Robert Levin

David Liebman

Robert Lowy

Michael Malone

Maryland Disability Determination Services Staff  In honor of Dr. E. Lee Robbins

Myron Miller

Stephanie F. Miller

Joseph Morton

Carolyn A. Nelka

Robin and Mark Neumann

Linda Nevaldine

Lewis and Dee Noonberg

Janet and Alex Ober

Marjorie W. Ottenheimer

Jon W. and Mary F. Paisley

Victor Pascal

Stephanie L. and Paul H. Peck Family Fund

Adrienne and Jeffrey Peres

Mildred A. Pfeffer  In honor of Shirley Hollander

Marion Pines

Charles Piven

Leslie and Gary Plotnick

Matt and Tonja Potter

Celeste Pushkin

John L. Quinn In honor of Carl Schurr

John L. Quinn  In honor of Ruth M. Quinn

Beverly and Carlos Quinones

Michael Rau and Mildred Rivera-Rau

Ron and Sally Roessler

Elaine Romberg

Denise and Scot Rosenblum

Ron and Sally Roessler

Ilene Rosenthal

Elizabeth Rothman

Amy and Richard Rothstein

Lynda Rotter

Suzanne M. Royer

Michael Rubenstein and Hedy From

Lynn Rubin

William S. and Narka K. Ryan

David Sachs and Cristina Lopez

Gilbert Sandler

Kandace Scherr

Lew and Erika Schon

Dr. and Mrs. Frank F. Schuster  Elspeth Udvarhelyi Artistic Director’s Box

Thomas M. Scott

Bernice Seiden

Joan C. Seiffert

Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Sekulow

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Sevel

Carole and Hanan Sibel

Patricia and Marc Siegelbaum

Rachelle and Ronnie Silverstein In memory of Louis and Sarah Silverstein and Jacob and Rena Kramer

William Simms

Joel Simon

Solomon and Elaine Snyder

Stephanie Sorensen and Pat Creaney

Ronald C.Sperling

Bernice Stein

Carl Sterling

Marc and Regina Tabackman

Evelyn and David Taylor

Karen Trennepohl

Millie Tyssowski

Charles Walker

John and Mary Louise Walker

Suzanne Walker

Robin Weiman

Dr. and Mrs. Bertram Weisbaum

Marisa Weiss  In honor of Gina and Dan Hirschhorn

Debra Sue Wertheimer

Thomas Weyburn

Mark Whitman

Nancy A. Wilcox

Mary A. H. Willingham  In honor of Brooks Amiot

Jack and Allison Yeoman

David S. Yohn

Thomas Ziehm

$99 and below

Dr. and Mrs. Charles B. Abelson

William G. and Mary Drew Adams

Zelma Aiken


Judith Arnold

Janice Babitt

Erwin Baida

Lynn Baklor

Deborah S. Barton and Raymond V. Carrion

Chana Bass

Charles and Patti Baum

Leslie Berman

Mary Blanchard

Shirley Blum

Albert Blumberg

Sarah Bur and Gary Gillespie In honor of Ruth Quinn

Irvin Caplan

Rosemary Catalana

David Cohen and Miriam Jacobson  in honor of Ruth Quinn

Sue Compton  In honor of Elspeth Udvarhelyi

Carolyne Crider

Harlan Crow

Mary Ellen Crowley

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Daniel

Ries and Marcia Daniel

Claire Debakey

Michael and Linda Deluca

Mildred and Stanley Dorf

Ida Dubick  In memory of Isidore Dubick

Virginia Duncan

Freda Dunn

Mrs. Alberta Eidman

Eleanor L. Eines

Frank Eisenberg

Barbara Fegley

Renee and Henry Feller

James W. Fisher and Catherin E. Mairs

Richard and Patricia Fiske

Avi and Noris Friedman

Patty Gillison

Ann Girard

Allan S. Gold and Rosemary Olivo

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Greenebaum

Ira R. and Roberta June Greenstein In honor of Maurice Furchgott and Leonard Sachs

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Grundmann

Harold and Florence Hackerman

Barbara J. Hament

Robert M. Hankin

Francies Hawks

Jerry Herling

Suzanne Hill

Venetia Holland

Roberta Irgens

Buck and Giti Jabaily

Elaine Jacobs

Klaus and Ellin B. Jaeger

Janet and Paul Kahla

Frank and Liz Kasper

Ellen Katz

Minna and Louis Katz

Hindy Kempler

Marty King

Jimi Kinstle

Gerald Klauber

Marc D. Kochanski

Esther Krasevac

Irvin Krawitz

Sheldon Laskin

Len Lazarick

Gerald and Selma Lean

James Leanos

Mary Ann Lechowicz

Stanley and Isabel Levin

Sandra Lippman and Kenneth Strong In honor of Ruth Quinn

Edwin and Doris Malin

Joanne A. Mandato

Mr. and Mrs. David Mauriello

Jean McGregor

Frederick Meyers

Sylvia Michelson

Melvin Mintz

Rita Miller

Patti Neumann

Charles O'Melia

Ira and Nancy Oring

Samuel Pais

Joan K. Parr

Constance K. Putzel

Ruth M. Quinn 

Susan Russell

Ida R. Samet  In honor of Stan and Martha Weiman

Wendy Schelew

Suzanne J. Schlenger

Wanda Schloeder

Jacqueline Scott

Timothy K. Sell

Sheila Seltzer

Madeline Shea and Curtis R. McKnight In honor of Ruth Quinn

Ruth and Harry Silber

Francis J. Sinek

C. Barbara Smith

Phyllis Spencer

Steve Sternheimer

Margaret Mohler Strahan

Marjorie Tolins

Miriam Travieso

Laszlo and Michele Trazkovich

Charles and Irene Twining

Jana Ellen Varwig  In honor of Ruth Quinn

Geoff Wadsworh

William and Mary Walker

Beth Wells

Ruth S. Williams

Cary and Margaret Woodward

Carol and Dan Woodworth

Susan Woolhiser

Leslie and Matt Zuga