Your donation to our Annual Fund provides direct operating support that is crucial to the work that we do because ticket sales account for only 56% of our annual budget. Thank you for your support!

Please bring any errors or omissions to our attention by contacting the Development Office, at 443-615-7055 x7500 or development@everymantheatre.org.

The following list reflects gifts received from donors between July 1, 2017 and November 20, 2018.

+ Deceased


Visionary: $50,000+

Gina and Dan Hirschhorn 
John and Susan Nehra
George Roche

Visionary: $25,000 - $49,999

Susan W. Flanigan 
Beth Goldsmith
Vic and Nancy Romita

Resident Company Sponsor: $10,000 - $24,999

Shirley T. Hollander  
Bridget and John Horner, Jr.  
Mark and Sandy Laken  
Stan and Laurie Miller  
David and Betsy Nelson  
Dr. E. Lee and Bea Robbins  
Lawrence J. Yumkas and Miriam Fisher  

Executive Producer: $5,000 - $9,999

Brenda K. Ashworth and Donald F. Welch.  
Pat and David Bernstein  
William and Pat Bettridge  
Jean Waller Brune  
Mary Catherine Bunting  
Jane W. Daniels  
Shirley T. Hollander  
Phyllis and Joe Johnson  
Mark and Kelley Keener  
Ronnie Kleiman  
Mark Paul Lehman and Kurt Davis  
Dr. David and Nancy Paige
Dorothy H. Powe, in memory of Ethel J. Holliday  
Bryan and Jennifer Rakes  
John and Marsha Ramsay  
Frank and Ann Rosenberg 

Producer $2,500 - $4,999

Winnie and Neal Borden
Shaun Carrick and Ronald Griffin  
Paul and Kathleen Casey  
Dr. Larry and Nancy Fishel  
Kaylie Kassap George and Adam George
Marci Gordon and Andrew Barnstein  
Sandra and Thomas Hess  
Francine and Allan Krumholz  
Wil Love and Carl Schurr  
James MacNicholl and Sara Lombardo
Elizabeth K. Moser  
Diane and Pete Nachtwey  
Brian and Eileen O’Rourke  
John and Sarah S. Robinson  
Carol Sandler  
Fred and Joan Steffens  
Karen and Jim Trennepohl  

Associate Producer: $1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous (3)
George and Frances Alderson  
Robert and Dorothy Bair  
Bruce and Polly Behrens  
Bunny Bernstein  
Bruce Blum  
Michael Borowitz and Barbara Crain
Robert Brookland  
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Brown  
Stan and Edie Brown  
Ms. Gina Campbell  
Suzanne F. Cohen  
Michael Borowitz and Barbara Crain
Harlan and Jean Cramer  
Walter B. Doggett III and Joanne Doggett  
Ms. Susan Sachs Fleishman  
Robert and Elborg Forster  
Jason and Laurie Frank  
Herbert and Harriet Goldman
June and George Higgins  
Dr. and Mrs. Iredell W. Iglehart III
Lois and Joseph Johnson, Jr.  
Lisa Harris Jones and Sean Malone  
Shirley A. Kaufman  
Martha and J.R. Kirkland  
Paul Konka and Susan Dugan-Konka
Ernest and Donna Kovacs  
Barry Kropf  
Diane Leonard
Bernard and Steffi Liberman  
Kenneth C. and Elizabeth M. Lundeen  
Barry Mersky and Elizabeth Trexler
Joseph and Jane Meyer  
Charlie and Marcia Moylan
Tim Nehl and Joy Mandel 
Ruth Nolan  
Mike Plaisted and Maggie Webbert  
Reid Reininger  
Harriet Roberts  
Zelig and Linda Robinson  
Grant and Elissa Roch  
Rona and Arthur Rosenbaum  
Robert Russell, in memory of Lelia Russell  
Jamie and Sarah Ryan
Burdette and Judi Short  
Ronnie and Rachelle Silverstein  
Bob and Jackie Smelkinson  
Joaneath A. Spicer  
Robert E. and Susan I. Spieth
Ruth and Chuck Spivak  
Steve and Sue Sternheimer 
Louis B. Thalheimer and Juliet A. Eurich
Meadow Lark Washington
Joanie Young 
Dr. Laurie S. Zabin  

Director: $500 - $999

Anonymous (2)
Ronald and Baiba Abrams  
James and Ellen Adajian  
David and Suzanne Alexander  
Brad and Lindsay Alger  
Joel Balsham  
Bruce and Amy Barnett  
Emile A. Bendit and Diane Abeloff  
Dr. and Mrs. Mordecai Blaustein
Patty Bond  
Mr. and Mrs. A. Stanley Brager, Jr.  
Jason and Mindy Brandt
Lewis and Victoria Bringman  
Livio and Diane Broccolino  
David Brown  
Randy Brown  
Jeffrey Budnitz, in honor of Mark Paul Lehman
Evelyn Cannon and James Casey  
Jan Caughlan  
Diane E. Cho and David W. Benn  
Susan L. Chomicz  
Joseph and Barbara Cirelli  
Chuck Cohen and Ann Amernick  
Samuel Cohen and Joan Piven  
Barbara Coleman White  
Janice Collins and James Storey  
Judy Shub-Condliffe and Jack Condliffe, in memory of Vivienne Shub and Naomi Greenberg 
Joseph Coons and Victoria Bradley Fund  
Ken Davies  
Natalie Davis, in memory of Jack Davis
Dr. Albert F. DeLoskey and Lawrie Deering  
Paul and Martha Dougherty  
Dr. Frank Eisenberg and Ms. Catherine Blake
Lon and Jennifer Engel  
The Carol and Tim Evans Charitable Fund  
Susie and Bob Fetter  
John and Fran Flanigan  
Donna Flynn  
Kenneth Roy Furchgott  
Sandra Levi Gerstung  
Susan Gillette  
Martha and Tad Glenn  
Barbara Glynn  
Hannah and Thorne Gould  
Jon Greenberg and Connie Rosemont  
Donald M. and Dorothy W. Gundlach  
Robert and Cheryl Guth  
Fritzi K. and Robert J. Hallock  
James F. Hart  
Barbara L. Hecht
Shale D. Stiller and Ellen M. Heller 
Samuel and Barbara Himmelrich  
Dave and Katherine Hurst  
Ruth B Hurwitz  
Dr. and Mrs. Iredell W. Iglehart III  
Ann H. Kahan  
Nina Knoche  
Ann and David Koch  
Rudy Koffler  
Larry Koppelman and Liz Ritter  
Harriet and Jay Kramer  
Greg Lehne  
Judith Letcher  
Peter Levy and Diane Krejsa  
Kathleen Liparini  
Sam and Suzie Macfarlane   
Richard Manichello and Margo Halle/Ram Films Inc
William Marshall and Camille Wheeler
Dennis G. McGough
Phyllis McIntosh  
John and Mary Messmore  
James and Martha Millford  
Linda Nevaldine  
Andrew and Sharon Nickol  
Drs. Mary O’Connor and Charles King  
Steve and Sherri O’Donnell  
Ed and Jo Orser
Franchella Pailen-Watkins  
Justine and Ken Parezo  
Greg Huff and Pamela Pasqualini  
Fred and Grazina Pearson  
Faye E. Pines  
Dale and Dorothy Piper
Gary and Leslie Plotnick  
Caroline Queale  
Scott and Gwyneth Radloff  
Domingo and Karen Rodriguez  
Jim and Laura Rossman   
Arnold and Monica Sagner  
Gayle Barney and Jean Savina  
Mark and Lorraine Schapiro  
Norman A. and Leonora D. Sensinger  
Betsy and Carlton Sexton  
Susan and John Spencer  
Shale D. Stiller and Ellen M. Heller  
Damie and Diane Stillman  
Lynne Stuart  
JoAnn Tracey
Elizabeth Trimble  
Kathleen Vanderhorst  
Mrs. Karen W. Wallace  
Dr. Peter and Rosemary Warschawski  
Peter Cohen and Ann Watson, in honor of Laurie and Stan Miller  
Maria Wawer  
Stan and Martha Weiman  
Peter Wimbrow  
Carol and Chris Yoder  
Marvin Zelkowitz  

Playwright: $250 - $499

Anonymous (3)
Edward Adkins  
Eleanor Allen  
Dr. Sania Amr  
Taunya L. Banks  
Bruce and Toni Berger Family Fund  
Lisa Blue  
Alan Deanehan and Margaret Boeckmann  
Jody Brown  
Rebecca and Mitchel Brown  
Hank Bullwinkel and Terri Majewski
Dr. Elizabeth Burin and Dr. Avishai Ben-David  
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Cohen  
Will Cooke  
Betty and Stephen Cooper  
Greg and Martha Cukor  
Gwen Davidson  
Anne Efron  
Barry and Susan Eisenberg  
Neil and Deborah Eisenberg  
Curt Lind and Linda Ettinger
Dr. Mary Anne Facciolo and Dr. Michael Repka 
Tony and Jaymee Farinacci  
John and Dorothy Foellmer  
Joseph and Teresa Freed  
Rhona and Sonny Freiman  
Mark and Patti Gillen  
Sonny and Laurie Glassner  
Judith A. Gottlieb  
Bob Greenfield  
Louise A. Hager  
John and Susan Hailman  
Thomas and Rebecca Hamer  
Catherine Hammond  
Gary C. Harn  
Heidi and Bill Henson
Patrick and Elizabeth Hervy  
Ken and Ellen Himmelstein, in honor of The Book of Joseph Creative Team
Michael Hirschhorn and Jimena Martinez  
Terry Hogan  
Francis and Harriet Iglehart
Judith R. Iliff, in memory of Jacques Fein 
Elizabeth Kahn  
Townsend and Bob Kent  
Lee Kolakowski  
Ron and Marianne Kreitner  
Charles Kuning  
Robert and Barbara Landau  
Linda F. and Julian L. Lapides  
Jonna and Fred Lazarus  
Kenneth B. and Bonny M. Lewis  
Joan Locke  
Margaret Long  
Joanne Mandato  
Charles and Nancy Mannion  
Richard Marriott  
Jeanne E. Marsh  
Linda Matheson  
Dr. Wendy Matt  
Judy and David Mauriello  
J. A. McAlpine  
John and Shanae McLean  
Stephanie F. Miller  
Tracy Miller and Paul Arnest  
Stephanie Moore and Dr. Lindsay Johnson  
Rima Namek  
Barry Narlines  
Ted Niederman and Ricka Neuman  
Lewis and Dee Noonberg  
Jeffrey Nover and Ally Amerson  
Alex and Janet Ober  
Jerry and Gail Oppel  
Robert and Patricia Orr  
The Patz Family  
Lucie Pelgrim, in memory of Jim
Robert and Judith Pierce  
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Rao  
Sue Shaner and John Roberts  
Robert and Ellen Rosen  
Wendy S. Rosen  
Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Rosenstein  
Leslie and Jay Rosenthal
Dr. Alan Schwartz and Dr. Carla Rosenthal  
Leslie and Jay Rosenthal  
W.J. Lederer and Jennie Rothschild  
Richard and Kayleen Saucier  
Gloria Savadow  
Sam and Thea Schnydman  
Thomas M. Scott III, in honor of Vinny Lancisi
Stephanie Shade and Stacey Shade-Ware, in memory Darlene and Jim Braswell
Stephen and Gail Shawe  
Joan and Edward Sills  
Lisa Simonson  
Dr. and Mrs. Harvey and Deborah Singer  
Edward Sledge and Patricia Thompson
Susan Smith  
Scott Sokol  
William and Ellen Stifler  
James Stofan and William Law  
Harriet Stulman
Carol Summerfield  
Doris Styche Sweet  
William and Adrienne Taylor  
John and Mary Lou Walker  
Joanne and Ed Wallach  
Sylvia Wehr  
Robert and Shifra Weinberg  
Laurie A. Whisman  
Mark I. Whitman  
Margaret Williams  
Donald and Jerriann Wilson  
Beverly Winter  
Patricia Yevics-Eisenberg and Stewart Eisenberg 
Miriam and Robert Zadek