The Brothers Size

By Tarell Alvin McCraney
Directed by Derek Goldman
March 14 – April 15

Playing fast and loose with West African myths, The Brothers Size blends rhythms of hip-hop, and poetry together to tell the modern-day story of the Size brothers – Ogun, an auto mechanic, and Oshoosi, a recent parolee, as they walk the line between law and liberty. This fresh new drama asks its audience to be at once the community, the witness, and the judge. At its heart, The Brothers Size is an uplifting and joyous celebration of life.

Contains explicit language and themes. 

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“There were days I thought I was born into a third world country.Partly from overzealous imagination, but also from the scarce ability to keep running water in our home coupled with the battle to keep the rampant rodents that plagued our project from chomping into my baby sister.... I lived in the other America; the America that doesn't always get depicted in the cinema. The America that we are told to pretend isn't there. And in an attempt to create theater that told untold stories, that gave voice to another half of America, I created The Brother/Sister Plays37.” -Playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney


Cast     Character
Powell Lawrence   Elegba
Chinaza Uche
Yaegel T. Welch

Yaegel T. Welch and Chinaza Uche

Chinaza Uche 

Powell Lawrence and Chinaza Uche
photos by Stan Barouh