• What is a subscription?

    A subscription is one ticket to a specific number of shows. So, a 7-play subscription is one ticket to each of the seven shows in a season. The price you pay for each ticket is about 20% lower than the regular single ticket price.

  • How do I know which subscription to purchase?

    Each show is performed Wednesdays through Sundays with select Tuesday evenings and one Wednesday matinee show for five weeks in a row. Our Subscriptions Series are organized by Day-of-the-Week and Week-of-the-Run.  

    A “Wednesday-4” Subscription means one ticket to each show on the Wednesday performance in the 4th week of run. Most of our shows do not begin on the first week of the month, so the 4 in Wednesday-4 is not the same as the fourth week of a month.

    Each subscription series has a per-ticket price point. There are 5 different price points:

    • Premium: This is the highest price point. It includes Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sunday matinee performances
    • Regular: This price point includes Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening, Thursday evening, Saturday matinee and Sunday evening performances
    • Saver: This price point is only applicable to patrons 65 or older. It is available for Wednesday matinee, Saturday matinee and Sunday evening performances.
    • Preview: This price point is for the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday performances before a show’s official Opening Night.
    • Check Us Out: This is available to patrons who have never subscribed. It is valid on the Tuesday and Sunday-1 (first Sunday of the run) performances
    • SNAP!Pass: This is our least expensive price point and is only applicable to patrons under the age of 40. It is available the same nights as a Regular subscription.

    As a subscriber, you get unlimited exchanges (a $10 exchange fee may apply for exchanges requested with less than 24 hours' notice).

  • What else should I consider when choosing a subscription?

    The subscription price point is a very important consideration. Subscribers can move their tickets into any other performance of the same show with no Exchange Fee. If you move to a subscription series that is higher in price than your subscription, you will need to pay an Upcharge (the difference between subscription per-ticket price points). 

    A Premium subscription series is the most flexible. Patrons with this series can move to any other performance with no extra charge.

    For patrons who are available on week nights, but don’t know exact dates of availability, any of the Regular price point subscriptions will allow you to make equal exchanges into other weeknights.

    Previews and Check Us Out subscriptions are our least flexible series. There are only three days with a Preview price point, and only two days with the Check Us Out price point. 

  • How do I exchange my subscription tickets?

    If you are making an equal exchange (no upcharge required), email or call the Box Office at any time. If the Box Office is closed, just leave a message and your exchange will be made the next business day.

    If the exchange requires an upcharge, you will need to phone the Box Office during business hours as the upcharge needs to be paid before the exchange can be finalized. 

    You will receive an auto-generated confirmation email once your exchange is made.

  • Is there any other important information I should know?

    Week of the Run is NOT the same as week of the month. So, if you have a commitment on the second Thursday of every month, a Thursday 2 subscription series may still work for you. The performance schedule will let you know the dates associated with each subscription series.

    There are times when a subscription series will include a performance on a different day of the week than the rest of the Subscription Series Tickets. This happens mostly for performances that would be scheduled on holidays.  

    For example, if a holiday falls on a Friday that is part of our Friday-3 Series, we will not perform on the holiday, but we will add a performance on another day that is not part of any other subscription series. Subscribers would receive the same seats for the new performance day. Tickets for the out-of-series performance can always be exchanged into a different performance.

  • What is a Snap!Pass?

    What about the SNAP! Pass?

    This is subscription is very different from our other subscription options:

    • Patrons must be born after September 4, 1978.
    • Pass tickets are eligible for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday evening performances.
    • Dates and seats are NOT preassigned.
    • Date/Seat reservations must be made one show at a time. The earliest a patron can reserve a seat is the Monday before the opening Friday performance.

    SNAP! Pass Subscribers can make unlimited exchanges (a $10 exchange fee may apply for exchanges requested with less than 24 hours' notice).

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