A History of Women’s Undergarments

An excerpt from the dramaturgy pages of the Intimate Apparel program.

The Real Rene Gallimard

Through a series of rather incredible and serendipitous events Everyman’s Artistic Director, Vincent M. Lancisi had the opportunity to meet Bernard Boursicot, the real-life man who inspired the character of Rene Gallimard in M. Butterfly

A Brief Overview of China’s Cultural Revolution

An excerpt from the dramaturgy pages of the M. Butterfly program.

Making the Personal, Universal

A conversation with the creative team behind "Los Otros." Director Noah Himmelstein, Composer Michael John LaChiusa, Book/Lyrics Writer Ellen Fitzhugh.

Dramatic Irony in "Great Expectations"

Consider how dramatic irony is used in the novel compared to the staged adaptation.

A Conversation with Colman Domingo

A conversation between Dot Dramaturg Johanna Gruenhut and Director, Colman Domingo.

"The Roommate": A Collaboration Begins

A conversation between The Roommate playwright Jen Silverman and Director Johanna Gruenhut.

Featured Article: Women in The Arts

These characters (in The Roommate) are multi-faceted and surprising, providing rare opportunities for powerhouse actresses who have passed the “ingénue” window and are hungering for something more substantial than the kind granny next door. -Jennifer Barclay