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  • Can I purchase online or do I have to call?

    You can purchase online TODAY, or at any point during the season. No need to call or wait on hold or even wait for the mail – call when you’re ready and one of our box officers will help walk you through your purchase and any question you may have.

  • What is Everyman doing to address COVID-19 so I feel safe coming in-person?

    We are committed to creating and maintaining as safe of an environment as possible based on the guidance of public health officials and state and local government. We’ve outlined a list of the practices and policies we have implemented at Everyman to make coming to the theatre as safe as possible and manage the risk of exposure. Check our SAFETY@EVERYMAN page for full details and updates as they become available.

  • What if I decide I’m not comfortable coming in-person?

    We vow to meet you where you are. Not feeling comfortable coming in person even after buying your in-person package?  Simply call the box office and choose from a variety of options – move your tickets to a later date, move your tickets to another production later in the season, or exchange your in-person tickets to watch the show from home instead. Ask your box officer for guidance on what will work best for YOU!

  • Why would I buy a subscription now?

    You LOVE Everyman Theatre and we love you back! And purchasing now will help us both. Purchasing now gives you the very best prices, the very best seats, absolutely risk free. As soon as we can begin to schedule performances, we will take care of our subscribers first!  Renewing with a 6+ subscription now also gives you our promise that you will have your same seats from last season once we go back to traditional seating. Renewing with a Flex 4 or Subscribe @ Home package now gives you priority access to hold on to your same seats when we return to traditional seating.  

  • Why can’t I just get my regular seat?

    Because of these configurations and capacity limits, we cannot gaurentee guarantee the same seats that you have enjoyed in past seasons. However, renewing with a 6+ subscription will guarantee your same seats from last season once we go back to traditional seating. And, renewing with a Flex 4 or Subscribe @ Home package will give you priority access to those your old seats as well.

  • How will I know the dates and times of my shows?

    Public performances begin on November 19th. A member of the box office concierge team will call all subscribers in the order their subscription was received, beginning the week of October 26th to begin seating patrons in the show of their choice.

  • What if I always attend with my friend who purchases a subscription for the seat next to me?

    When you place your order, you will be given the opportunity to tell us who you like to attend with. Keeping social distancing in mind, we will do our best to seat you as close to your friends and family as safety and availability will allow.

  • What if I have money on my account from cancelled shows in the 2019/20 season?

    If you chose to keep the funds from last season’s subscription on your account, thank you for helping to carry us through the summer!  You have many options for using these funds, including applying them to a 2020/21 subscription purchase.  Give our Box Office a call at 410.752.2208, Monday through Friday, 10pm - 4pm, to discuss options of applying these funds.

  • Why aren’t there Senior and other discounts this year?

    Because the social distancing restrictions have significantly decreased the number of seats available at any given performance, we tried to approach this newly-imagined season with discounting and flexible options for all our patrons right from the start. This year, all subscriptions are under $300 and subscribers are getting even more off of single ticket prices than ever before.

  • What happens if shows are cancelled or we go back into stay-at-home restrictions?

    Our commitment to you is to keep communication transparent and to keep you updated.  If an in-person production is unable to happen, we will communicate all options to you which will include transferring your ticket to a later production or refunding.  We’re here for you.

  • If I feel safe to attend in person later in the season and I want to switch from a digital to an in-person ticket, can I?

    Absolutely, yes! If you purchased the Subscribe @ Home package and you’re feeling better about joining us in-person for ANY reason along the way, just call us and we’ll find the best available seats for you. Because you are switching from at-home to in-person, there is a $20 upcharge per ticket, but this will always be better than a single ticket price.

  • How do I purchase parking?

    We will have parking available in the same way we have in the past.  When we call to finalize your attendance dates (and make sure you’re still comfortable attending in person), we can add on a parking purchase at that time.  Since comfort levels might change, we want to be sure to provide the parking purchase only if you need it.

  • Will there be post show discussions and child care matinees?

    We are hoping to provide dates for our special series for at least a portion of the season, if safety measures allow, and will have further information on these as we finalize dates for the season.  We know these are beloved series and they will be back as soon as we are safely able to do so!

  • How do I access the filmed performance?

    Queens Girl: Black in the Green Mountains as well as the Queens Girl Trilogy pack (Queens Girl in Africa, Queens Girl in the World, and Queens Girl: Black in the Green Mountains) will all be available for viewing on the screen of your choice, avaiolble December 11 through February 4. Once you subscribe or buy a single ticket, you will be sent an individual link for each production you purchased and with clear instructions on how to view it. Once you click on the link, you will have 48 hours to watch the show. If you run into a problem with this Netflix/On-Demand style timing model, no worries - give us a call in the box office, and we'll work something out! 

  • Do you have any guides on how to play your videos?

    Yes, we have created a FAQs that include helpful hints and how-to videos on playing our virtual events on many devices. CLICK HERE to view and download this documant

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