Join Everyman Education for accessible and powerful class experiences that invite patrons, parents, and students of all ages to begin and ultimately continue to grow personally and artistically.

Taught by talented and compassionate Everyman Teaching Artists and Resident Company Members, you receive high quality instruction to fuel imagination and inspire transformation.

Unless otherwise specified, all classes will be held at Everyman Theatre, 315 West Fayette Street, Baltimore, MD 21201.

Classes make a great Gift! Email or call 410.6157055 x7142

Classes for Early Childhood

Excite your imagination through theatrical playtime with your friends for those aged 3-5 years! Each morning features a new adventure to explore through sensory play.

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Classes for Youth

Take a seat at our theatrical table. Students in grade K-8 sample from skill building classes focused on drama, music, dance, and design building connections between the professional process and their unique creative energies.

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Experiment with core theatrical concepts and make space to hone technique. Each Lab class invites you into professionalism, building knowledge and practicing core actor-driven skills.

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With an emphasis on the life skills that theatre cultivates, learn to apply the tools of a professional theatre practitioner through invaluable personal and professional development opportunities. Each class features a sampler approach, introducing you to a variety of tenets within each subject.

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Youth Summer Camps

Students entering grades K-8 kickstart their creativity this summer through innovative and exciting summer camps at Everyman Theatre.

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Theatre is a collaborative artform. We celebrate the many perspectives that bring stories to the stage. Join us for classes that highlight essential points of view through lecture, discussion, and activation.

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