Play-A-Role: Harvey (Home Event)

Harvey by Mary Chase

Elwood P. Dowd likes to include his best friend Harvey in all of his adventures—the trouble is, Harvey is an imaginary, 6-foot tall rabbit! Join hosts Colleen and Mark at their Locust Point home for this comedy classic and decide for yourself if this lovable bunny is real or not!

Tickets: $75

Hosted by Colleen Martin-Lauer and Mark Lauer | Locust Point


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Play-A-Role: Murder on the Nile (Home Event)

Murder on the Nile by Agatha Christie

Following in the footsteps of previous “Play-A-Role” readings of The Mousetrap and And Then There Were None, this year you will voyage down the Nile with your hosts Susan and John Nehra in a reading of Murder on the Nile. Meet a multitude of memorable passengers, all with a reason to kill. Can you solve the mystery of a shocking and brutal murder?

Tickets: $75

Hosted by Susan and John Nehra | Roland Park


Play-A-Role: Pride and Prejudice (Home Event)

Pride and Prejudice

Can you be the next Colin Firth? Now is your chance to become the famous Elizabeth and Darcy and find out if they'll be able to look past their pride and prejudice to find their perfect match. Board Member Jean Brune will be your host as you enter the world of Jane Austen.

Tickets: $75

Hosted by Jean Brune | Roland Park


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Play-A-Role: Almost, Maine (Home Event)

Almost, Maine by John Cariani

You’re invited to go on a journey to Almost, Maine with avid theatergoer Toni Krometis and her husband, Evan. Playful and surreal experiences are commonplace in this mythical town. Discover the life-altering power of the human heart on this one deeply cold and magical midwinter night.

Tickets: $75

Hosted by Toni and Evan Krometis | Lutherville


Play-A-Role: The Philadelphia Story (Home Event)

The Philadelphia Story by Philip Barry

Does Tracy Lord belong on a pedestal? Join Board Member Betsy Nelson and her husband, David, as they explore this witty and sophisticated romantic play, which served as the basis for the classic Hollywood film starring Katherine Hepburn as Tracy.

Tickets: $75

Hosted by Betsy and David Nelson | Guilford


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Play-A-Role: Blithe Spirit (Theatre Event)

Blithe Spirit by Noël Coward
Now is your chance to play a role in this classic comedy gem from well beyond the grave! Join Resident Company Member Beth Hylton, who appeared in Everyman’s 2015 production of the show, in a spirited reading that is sure to leave you laughing!

Tickets: $100

Hosted by Resident Company Member Beth Hylton | Everyman Theatre


Play-A-Role: An Inspector Calls (Theatre Event)

An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley

The ultimate detective story, An Inspector Calls is a gripping psychological thriller that is the perfect blend between Downton Abbey and Sherlock Holmes. Resident Company Member Bruce Nelson, who was featured in Everyman’s 2015 production of the play, will be your guide through the twists, turns, and gasps of this mysterious tale.

Tickets: $100

Salon Series: Going to a Place Where You Already Are


Going to a Place Where You Already Are by Bekah Brunstetter, directed by Megan Anderson

Cocktails: 6 pm | Reading: 7 pm

From Bekah Brunstetter (2017-2018 Salon Series' The Cake, "This is Us" and "American Gods"), Going to a Place... dances with one of the biggest questions that taunts humankind:  Is there really life after death?  With humor, wit, fantasy and an intimate familial journey, Brunstetter looks at beginnings, endings—and an enigmatic angel.

Salon Series: Man of God


Man of God by Anna Moench, directed by Deborah Hazlett

Cocktails: 6 pm | Reading: 7 pm

For four Korean girls, betrayal from a trusted religious caregiver takes them on a journey of a deeper kind.  As they face the earnest truth of their situation the women confront bigger truths about themselves, their pasts, and each other in this funny feminist thriller.  Through a realistic and fantastical journey, Baltimore native Anna Moench asks in the face of the unanswerable: what does it look like to be courageous and empowered?

Salon Series: Jump


Jump by Charly Evon Simpson, directed by Dawn Ursula

Cocktails: 6 pm | Reading: 7 pm

This funny, heartbreaking and tender play finds sisters Fay and Judy caught in a spiritual exploration of their past as they help their father pack up their childhood home. Emerging writer, Charly Evon Simpson takes us on a journey where lights flicker, things fall from the sky, and lost souls find solace on a bridge.