Salon Series: Top Girls

Join Everyman Theatre’s Female Resident Company Members for an immersive theatre-going experience where a cast of professional actors perform staged readings in an our intimate rehearsal hall.

Patrons will mix and mingle with actors before and after each reading. Curated and directed by the women of Everyman Theatre’s Resident Acting Company, this year’s Salon selections complement each show of the Main Stage season, feature women playwrights’ work and will be hosted by well-known and accomplished women in our area.

Salon Series: Our New Girl

Staged reading of Our New Girl by Nancy Harris. Directed by Beth Hylton.


One of the greatest stories in modern drama. Mrs. Alving has kept the sins of her late husband a secret for her entire life. But soon the ghosts of the past catch up to her when her only son arrives back home with a deadly illness, looking for answers. Trapped within the walls of Victorian society, this gripping and haunting tale tells the story of a woman trying to break through the lies and deceit from her past to save her estranged son.


Experience the Pulitzer Prize-winning play that will fill you with "belief in the survival of the human spirit" (NY Theatre Guide). Based on real interviews conducted by Lynn Nottage (By the Way, Meet Vera Stark), Ruined transports you into the Congo where the shrewd and savvy matriarch-turned-businesswoman, Mama Nadi, struggles to hold on to her one safe refuge – a brothel – as the world around her disintegrates into war; with women's bodies too often as the battleground.


World-famous thriller playwright Sidney Bruhl is suffering from a chronic case of writers' block. When one of his former students shows up at his doorstep with what might be the next Broadway hit, Sidney and his wife concoct a deadly plan to make the manuscript their own. Holding the record for the longest running comedy-thriller on Broadway, Deathtrap is filled with twists and turns in a series of thrilling events that will keep you guessing on the edge of your seat until the very last moment!


The sold-out, award-winning London hit lands in Baltimore for the first time in a new production at Everyman Theatre starring 2014 City Paper's Best Actress and Resident Company Member Megan Anderson (Crimes of the Heart, Tribes). She's a hot-rod F-16 fighter pilot. Her unexpected pregnancy ends her high-flying career over the Middle Eastern skies. She finds herself instead flying remote-controlled drones half a world away while in a comfortable trailer just outside of Vegas.

The Understudy

"A masterpiece of comic clockwork" (Wall Street Journal) from the creator of TV's Smash, The Understudy places the backstage tension of a frantic rehearsal in the spotlight. Meet Harry, the "real" actor who's just a tad bitter about his lot in the theatrical world – you see, he's just the understudy. The grossly overpaid, action movie star he's working with doesn't understand the play. The charmingly lovesick stage manager happens to be his ex.

A Streetcar Named Desire

One of the most remarkable plays of our time, Tennessee Williams' Pulitzer Prize-winning southern drama comes to life on Everyman's stage. Blanche DuBois, a faded and delicate Southern Belle, has mysteriously arrived on the doorstep of her younger sister, Stella, and her husband, the sexy yet brutish Stanley Kowalski. Blanche makes herself at home in the couple's small apartment. However, Blanche's web of lies to cover her past soon begins to crumble. Her downward spiral brings her face to face with Stanley, leading to a final plea of passion and desperation that changes them both forever.

Death of a Salesman

Winner of the Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize, Arthur Miller's profound and powerful tragedy of an American dreamer is a dramatic masterpiece. Willy Loman is the ultimate everyman. His life of hard work has not translated into the wealth and respect he dreamt of. As retirement draws near, his eldest son refuses to follow the path Willy has planned for him. Buried secrets from the past come to light and Willy's pursuit of the American dream begins to fade.

Outside Mullingar

From the Pulitzer, Oscar and Tony Award winning of author of Doubt and Moonstruck comes a charming romantic comedy perfect for the holiday season. Set against the rolling hills of Ireland, Outside Mullingar is the unlikely love story of Anthony and Rosemary – two introverted 40-something neighbors, whose families are in a bitter land dispute. Full of laughs and tenderhearted moments, John Patrick Shanley's poetic Irish fable reminds us all that it's never too late to take a chance on love.