Take the stairs by the Box Office or the elevator to the lower level to visit our Downstairs Gallery!

The Downstairs Gallery is back! Our gallery is a space to celebrate local artists and organizations. We extend the themes of the stories onstage and draw direct connections to our city. The creative spirit is alive at Everyman Theatre!


We welcome three Baltimore-educated emerging artists representing Maryland Institute College of Art and Bard High School Early College to present their art during the run of STEEL MAGNOLIAS. Much like the women in the play, who create an intentional tight-knit and lovingly chosen family, these women are ambassadors holding space for their own generation.

Sage Smith, Lia Latty,and Queendeola Royalty examine their personhood through photography and paint. A beautiful intersection of cultures, come downstairs and experience this refreshing and necessary spirit-of-camaraderie. Celebrate the agency of emerging artists using Baltimore as their canvas.




Lia Latty is an emerging photographer born in Miami, FL, and now resides in Baltimore, MD. She is currently studying photography at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Lia’s work aims to create striking yet meaningful images that speak to not only the people she photographs but herself and viewers of her work. She uses lighting and color theory as the main elements to broaden the representation of Black bodies and Black skin. Through authenticity and personal experiences, she connects with others in order to share their voices as a collective and initiate dialogue about social issues. Her work has been exhibited at MICA and around Baltimore, MD.






Sage Smith is a painter from the South Side of Chicago. She comes from a single parent Afro-Latinx home. She currently attends Maryland Institute College of Art and is working on her Masters in Arts Education and Bachelors in Painting. As an Afro-Latinx woman her work primarily pulls from both Black American and Latin culture. She uses a wide variety of line work and patternmaking to explore these roots. She investigates what it means to be a Black creator. Her subject matter, which is primarily devoid of race or figures, challenges what society believes Black creatives should be making. Instead she focuses on complex and detailed linework which has come to represent the therapeutic relationship she has with creation.





Queenadeola Royalty is a rising senior at Bard High School Early College in Baltimore. She is Everyman Theatre Education and Community Engagement’s Teen Educator through the 2021 Bloomberg Arts Internship cohort. She is thrilled to be spending six weeks in the classroom with students in grades K-8. Queen specializes in acrylic painting, sculpture, and textile.