Press @ Everyman

Throughout each season, Everyman garners a wide-array of press coverage, from community-based, human interest snippets to placement in the New York Times Arts Section and everything in between.

Print, radio, TV, blogs, social media, and podcasts -- you name it.

Everyman Theatre has gotten shout-outs on topics ranging from our theatre's response to the COVID crisis and the third installment of Caleen Sinnette Jennings sublime Queens Girl plays to Everyman's important, ongoing work with the Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities.

Click through the links below for just a sampling from the past year.


'Theater to Stream'

Queens Girl: Black in the Green Mountains is featured!

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'Pandemic Pushes Live Theater To The Digital World'

Interview with Managing Director, Marissa LaRose and Producing Director, Kyle Prue for WYPR radio.

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‘Cry It Out’ comedy about motherhood up next from Everyman Theatre

An honest look at the absurdities of being home with a baby, the power of female friendship, the the dilemma of going back to work.

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'Theaters honor Dr. King’s dream by acting on #WeSeeYouWAT demands'

A progress report on response in Baltimore/Washington to the BIPOC Demands for White American Theater.

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'Felicia Curry is a sheer powerhouse in ‘Queens Girl: Black in the Green Mountains’ at Everyman Theatre'

The final play in the celebrated Queens Girl trilogy is available online through February 4

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'Everyman Theatre prepares to make safe return in November'

Interview with Founder and Artistic Director, Vincent Lancisi and Managing Director, Marissa LaRose about safety plans and pivoting to offer our content vitrual-only.

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'Paige Hernandez brings vision for equity to Everyman Theatre'

Associate artistic director, Paige Hernandez, talks about her new position at Everyman and her experience as a multidisciplinary playwright, director, choreographer and actress who fuses theater, hip-hop, dance and education!

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'Theatre Review: ‘Queens Girl: Black in the Green Mountains’ by Everyman Theatre'

"By itself, this is a gorgeous piece of theater well worthy of one’s time. It is also a highly persuasive argument to see the other plays of the trilogy."

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