Curtains Up on Careers: Fight Choreographer

May 23, 2017
The CompanyInterviewsOn Stage

An interview with Lewis Shaw, Everyman's Resident Fight Choreographer from the play guide for Noises Off.

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"Los Otros" Sparks Discussions of "Othering and Belonging"

April 14, 2017
On Stage

Los Otros is a compelling musical that addresses themes of cultural curiosity, “othering

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Making the Personal, Universal

March 7, 2017
InterviewsOn Stage

A conversation with the creative team behind "Los Otros." Director Noah Himmelstein, Composer Michael John LaChiusa, Book/Lyrics Writer Ellen Fitzhugh.

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Meet the Los Otros Cast

February 27, 2017
On Stage

Meet the cast behind "Los Otros."

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Baltimore Youth Arts has Great Expectations for Our Neighborhood

February 23, 2017

Who was that teacher, relation or peer without whom you would not have become who you are? What relationship changed your life? These are the questions that drive the mission of Everyman's new neighbor, Baltimore Youth Arts.

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Curtains Up on Careers: Dialect Coach

January 18, 2017
The CompanyInterviews

Interview with Great Expectations Dialect Coach, Gary Logan

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