Dramatic Irony in "Great Expectations"

January 13, 2017
On Stage

Consider how dramatic irony is used in the novel compared to the staged adaptation.

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A Conversation with Colman Domingo

November 22, 2016
InterviewsOn Stage

A conversation between Dot Dramaturg Johanna Gruenhut and Director, Colman Domingo.

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What Makes Everyman’s "Wait Until Dark" So Chilling

October 4, 2016

A behind-the-scenes look at Wait Until Dark’s freaky props, and the woman who makes them.

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Curtains Up on Careers: Stage Manager

October 13, 2016
InterviewsThe Company

Interview with The Roommate Stage Manager, Cat Wallis

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"The Roommate": A Collaboration Begins

October 11, 2016

A conversation between The Roommate playwright Jen Silverman and Director Johanna Gruenhut.

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Featured Article: Women in The Arts

October 6, 2016
Theatre World

These characters (in The Roommate) are multi-faceted and surprising, providing rare opportunities for powerhouse actresses who have passed the “ingénue” window and are hungering for something more substantial than the kind granny next door. -Jennifer Barclay

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