Everyman Theatre Education offers theatrical programming through in-school residency programs and after school enrichment settings. All class experiences are guided by talented Everyman teaching artists providing expert leadership for student's creative journey. 


Everyman Education brings of the tools of the professional artist into your classroom. Programs lasting between six-ten weeks in length feature curricular progressions utilizing arts integrated learning strategies to teach core subjects or the expert dramatic leadership to elevate theatre classes across age range.


  • To provide a safe and creative space for students to exercise their imaginations
  • To expose students to the professional world of theatre
  • To explore essential skills of a theatre artist
  • To practice collaboration through activities, projects, and peer performance
  • To challenge students understanding of commitment
  • To inspire curiosity and creative risk-taking
  • To connect the individual to the depth and breadth of theatrical mediums


Start the conversation by emailing or call 443-615-7055 x7142.

Everyman Education works closely with school contacts to craft residencies that are most effective for that particular school and all residencies can be modified to support different grade ranges.




Dramatic Discoveries

Recommended for K-1 Grades

Dive into new and exciting worlds and engage the senses! Each class students make theatrical discoveries as they exercise their imaginations and channel creative energies. Each class there is a different world to explore as they discover the artists within!

Creative Journeys

Recommended 1-2 Grades

The world of theatre invites students on a journey of self-expression and ensemble building. Each class features a new world to explore through drama, movement, music, and design. These exciting lessons integrate all elements of the performing arts to introduce dramatic vocabulary, foster imaginations, and work towards focused creative play.

Story Explorers

Recommended 2-3 Grades

With stories as our guide, young actors utilize narrative structure as a story map for dramatic discovery. Identifying key elements of each tale, bringing characters to life, and using the conflicts and themes for independent and group creation, each class features a new episode in in this creative dramatics approach. Stories Curated by Everyman but can be tied to Curricular Reading if that is desired.

PLAYful Players

Recommended 4-5 Grades

We celebrate our own artistic voices and put thoughts into action as students are guided through the original play creation process. Each day features a new aspect of play building and students are introduced to different theatrical occupations. Student work to create elements that support their storytelling and ultimately perform original pieces based on a theme determined by Everyman and the classroom teacher.


Theatrical Perspectives Series

The Playwright - Students explore dramatic story structure and craft original work to be shared.
The Actor - Students build dramatic language and explore the actor's tools in the context of scripted work.
The Designer - Students focus on a different design points of view and activate core design concepts through special Everyman led projects.


Professional Everyman Teaching Artists and Company Members with a particular area of expertise join your school in residency to provide training level experiences.
Topics include but not limited to:

  • Mask
  • Movement
  • Text Analysis
  • Dialect
  • Acting Techniques
  • Directing


After School Residency

Class experiences are designed to be focused, fun, and dynamic explorations providing multiple access points into the world of theatre. Residencies range from 8 length for one hour at a time traditionally.

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Classroom Workshop

Whether you want to expose students to theatre for the first time or offer advanced learning opportunities for theatre classes, Everyman Education can help.

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High School Matinee Program

Everyman's Signature High School Matinee Program takes students in select Baltimore City schools on a deep dive into the theatre-going experience.

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