This season we celebrate Education and Community Engagement Partners.

Partnerships are defined as relationships of exchange: intersecting the world of theatre with a group’s needs and interests.

Interested in partnership? How can we help support one one another?




  • Johns Hopkins Homewood Arts Program
  • The University of Maryland School of Medicine
  • The University of Maryland School of Social Work
  • Bloomberg Arts Internship Program
  • Checkerspot Brewing Company
  • The Baltimore Museum of Industry
    • Visit the new Exhibit and Gallery located in the Everyman Theatre basement! 

      Everyman Theatre and The Baltimore Industry Museum partner in this inaugural exhibit- an exploration of our relationship to work, the perfect compliment to Sweat by Lynn Nottage.

      Labor can be a universal experience. Life is hard work- at the office, on the job site, in the classroom, or at home. Whether we are paying the bills, supporting others, getting a degree, or look for a job, we can all relate to the grit, determination, and pride we take in work.

      Glimpse into the world of the Baltimore steelworker. Look into the eyes of the factory worker and celebrate lives well-lived on the line.

      We invite you to see select images from this mini-exhibit and plenty more, in the Baltimore Museum of Industry's WHY WE WORK exhibit. This collaboration with students at Johns Hopkins University and the Maryland institute of College of art, featuring 32 contemporary and historic portraits of workings in various industries, creating a space for you to explore your own relationship to the work you do as well as the community we share.

      Visit the museum to see WHY WE WORK through April 14, 2019. Details at