Celebrating 30 Magical Seasons at Everyman Theatre! Joining us is simple, safe, and flexible.

For 30 years and counting, Everyman Theatre has celebrated the power and intimacy of our art form with ARTISTS and AUDIENCES at the core of what we do. We stand apart from others with our Resident Company of Artists, who have kept us spellbound and engaged with their fierce, authentic, risk-taking performances and their humanity. We've sat together and laughed, loved, cried, and hurt through our shared experiences. We've exchanged robust ideas, collaborated, provoked, broken down barriers, and yes, even made a mistake or two. But through it all, there's been YOU, our audiences, to support, challenge, and elevate us every step of the way.

Please join us for the NEXT 30 YEARS — it wouldn't be EVERYMAN without YOU!

QUEENS GIRL: Black in the Green Mountains
Written by Caleen Sinnette Jennings
Directed by Paige Hernandez

Best enjoyed by patrons 10+
A world premiere production commissioned by Everyman, our new Associate Artistic Director, Paige Hernandez returns to direct the third and final installment of Jennings’s award-winning Queens Girl series. As the Vietnam War rages and the Kent State killings ignite college campuses across the country, Jackie arrives in Vermont to begin college. Caught between wildly divergent sets of friends — wealthy “WASPS,” militant Black activists, and passionate theatre people—Jackie is forced to confront the space between white and Black culture to find her place in the world.

NOW PLAYING @ Home! Access the show from your home December 11 - February 4!

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Written by Molly Smith Metzler
Directed by Vincent M. Lancisi

Best enjoyed by patrons 12+
Midnight feedings, dirty diapers, and other hazards of motherhood are enough to give anyone sleepless nights. This no holds-barred modern comedy from the award-winning writer of Casual (Hulu), Orange Is the New Black (Netflix), and Shameless (Showtime -writer/producer), holds a magnifying glass and megaphone to the joys and perils facing new parents today. Join Jessie and Lina in their Long Island backyards where the wildly different, but equally difficult parenting decisions facing each mother—and the new neighbors in the mansion up the hill — are “worthy of your attention” -Broadway World

Written by Angelica Chéri
Directed by Reginald L. Douglas

Best enjoyed by patrons 14+
Mississippi, 1920. Leroy returns to the doorstep of his long-lost lover covered in blood after committing a shocking crime. With his freedom in the balance, the clock is ticking to make amends. As their quarrelsome beginning transforms into an impassioned consummation of their love, can the inevitability of his fate be averted? A hit from the 2018 Contemporary American Theatre Festival, this “riveting, gut-wrenching fable” (DC Metro Theater Arts) weaves an intimate, yet epic love story inspired by the prison work song, “Berta, Berta.”

Written by Dominique Morisseau

Directed by Paige Hernandez
Best enjoyed by patrons 14+
A mother's hopes for her son clash with the systemic racism of an educational system that’s rigged against him in this riveting new work. Nya, an inner-city high school teacher, is committed to her students but desperate to give her son, Omari, opportunities he'll never have. With profound compassion and lyricism, this play delves into urgent issue around class, race, parenting, and education in America, leaving us to question the structures that trap young men of color. “Pipeline confirms Morisseau’s (MacArthur Fellowship recipient) reputation as a playwright of piercing eloquence.” -NYTimes

Based on the Novel by Jane Austen
Adapted by Kate Hamill

Directed by Noah Himmelstein
Best enjoyed by patrons 12+
Hilarious and heartbreaking, this playful adaptation of Austen’s beloved classic follows the fortunes (and misfortunes) of the Dashwood sisters—sensible Elinor and hypersensitive Marianne—after their father’s sudden death leaves them penniless and socially vulnerable. Told through a uniquely bold female lens, the NY Times calls Hamill’s Sense and Sensibility, “one of the greatest stage adaptations of a novel in history.” By examining one’s reactions, both reasonable and ridiculous, to societal pressures, when reputation is everything — how do you follow your heart?

Written by Robert Harling 

Directed by Casey Stangl 
Best enjoyed by patrons 10+
In a beauty parlor in northwestern Louisiana, life is anything but boring. This heartwarming and uproariously joyful story follows six culturally distinct yet uniquely Southern women over the course of three years as they gather to gossip and share each other’s lives with wit, warmth, and intelligence. Steel Magnolias celebrates the power of female friendship through the highest highs and the lowest lows. The play received a Drama Desk Award nomination, and the perennially popular film adaptation was nominated for an Academy Award and two Golden Globes.

Our All-Digital, All-Season series of an additional six performances including readings, radio plays, and a special musical cabaret performance all from the safety and comfort of your own home.  Dates to be announced.


As we plan what a return to the theatre might look like, we are committed to reducing COVID-19 risks for our patrons, staff, and artists. We are creating physically distanced seating in the theatres, will require face coverings for entry, have adjusted HVAC for maximum filtration and air flow, and will thoroughly disinfect between every audience.

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