Enhance your Everyman Theatre visit with one of our special events. Share your thoughts during discussions surrounding our work, attend additional programs or mix and mingle at a pre-show cocktail hour.


Step into the spotlight in this series of intimate readings hosted by friends of Everyman Theatre.

Playwright Brunch

Get to know CRYING ON TELEVISION playwright, R. Eric Thomas!

Festive attire, a garden, a mansion, friends, and more!

Everyman @ Peerce’s

Celebrate live theatre in Baltimore with good food and great friends.


Pay what you can to see a show’s first preview performance.

Cast Conversations

Everyman Theatre extends the conversation beyond the stage in regularly scheduled post-show artist discussions.

Childcare Matinees

Take in a matinee confident that your children are well looked after and supported by Everyman Theatre Education and Community Engagement staff. Perfect for children ages 3-12.

Donor Events

Supporters have more fun at Everyman Theatre!

Explore our educational programs, performances, and more happening at Everyman Theatre!