Everyman Theatre Announces Bryan Robinson, Creator of The Black Genius Art Show, as Gallery Artist in Residence

[BALTIMORE, Md.] – Everyman Theatre is thrilled to announce the Gallery Artist Residency of The Black Genius Art Show, a unique and inspiring art exhibition created by Bryan Robinson. Robinson, an educator and media artist from Baltimore, Maryland, is known for his diverse background in film, animation, and business marketing. As a resident artist, The Black Genius Art Show will have a dedicated space in Everyman Theatre’s Visual Art Gallery which will highlight his unique artwork to a broader audience who can appreciate and support Black art.

“The Black Genius Art Show’s existence stems from a connection with people,
while the energy, the features and culture are reflected upon an array of artistic mediums.”
– Bryan Robinson

“I am thrilled that Everyman can establish artistic collaborations like this that enable us to create a deeper connection to local talent and artists” says Everyman’s Director of Education and Community Engagement, Anthony J. Savoy, “Right outside our doors there is a hub of local, Baltimore visual artists just waiting to share their work. Bryan’s work speaks directly to the type of community engagement and orienting that Everyman Theatre desires to nurture and collaborate with. Downtown, Baltimore City recognizes a similar mission in sharing and keeping stories alive. Everyman has a long history of using the Visual Arts Gallery to empower local visual artists to share works that address their point-of-view with our audiences.”

As Everyman continues to foster new ways of creating community- oriented and community informed spaces, its Visual Arts Gallery this season will feature a rotation of original works by Bryan along with a commissioned piece created for each show in the 2023/2024 season.

Through its Education and Community Engagement programming, Everyman Theatre hopes to further build upon the collective communities and give back through art. This partnership with Robinson invites him to share the stories told on stage and beyond the play’s world through his visual art. His work speaks to his connections throughout the community, his family, his relationships, and the importance to maintain and hold onto those individuals, and their stories. The partnership with Robinson will also continue into Summer Programming at Everyman for 2024, where Robinson will be a Visual Arts teacher.

“The Black Genius Art Show’s existence stems from a connection with people, while the energy, the features and culture are reflected upon an array of artistic mediums,” states Robinson, “The use of black lines molds the narrative of each individual canvas, and the genius of it all is to understand that ART LIVES not just on a gallery wall, but it exists in all we do. The Black Genius Art Show is an experience, it is an exchange, and created for anyone and everyone.”

In addition to the exhibition at Everyman, Robinson has a dedicated gallery located at 106 Eutaw Street where he features interactive workshops, panel discussions, and artist talks. These events provide opportunities for attendees to engage with the artists, learn more about their creative processes, and gain insights into the themes and inspirations behind their work. Everyman and The Black Genius Art Show are in the cultural hub known as the Bromo Arts District, and the two will also be collaborating for the Bromo Arts District’s Art Walk this summer, an event that will bring together over 30 neighboring performance spaces, and galleries for free programming. The Bromo Art Walk will take place on Thursday, August 24, from 5-9pm.

Everyman invites theatregoers, art enthusiasts, collectors, and the public to join us in celebrating the creative excellence of the Black Genius Art Show. This is an opportunity to support and uplift local talent in the art world and contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding representation and diversity in the arts in Baltimore.


Bryan Robinson is an educator and multifaceted media artist born, raised and “super heroed” in Baltimore, Maryland. He has a background in film, 2D animation and Business Marketing.  Robinson has been a visual artist for as long as he could successfully write his own name. He feels the blank canvas is just another portal to which his stories can be told.  Robinson is a self-taught artist who operates in “The Random”. He compares his work to a mixture of the Mona Lisa and the morning cartoons of the 80’s. Robinson is inspired by the works of artists like Emory Douglas, Jean Michel Basquiat, and Keith Haring.

Under the motto “Create Everyday”, Robinson has over 200 original illustrations (acrylic/oil-based paintings), a collection of wearable Garments based off his unique characters and an assortment of animated projects in the works. Robinson currently works with school-based programs, universities, youth groups, galleries, art initiatives and community-based organizations throughout the states to further The Black Genius Art Show.  

In 2021, Robinson opened his first art showroom he labels Genius Guice Studios (GG). GG is a hybrid gallery space that displays revolving art spreads, custom collectables, wearables and art incentives for youth and young adults.


Everyman Theatre is a non-profit organization with a resident ensemble of artists from the Baltimore/Washington D.C area dedicated to presenting high quality plays that are affordable and accessible to everyone. Founded in 1990 by Vincent M. Lancisi, the theatre’s mission is to provide transformative experiences through professional theatre that are welcoming, relevant, and affordable to everyone. With the values of people, community, and excellence at the core of its programming and operations, Everyman is dedicated to meaningful connections between artists and audiences both on-stage and off, while creating opportunities to sustain artists that are local to the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area. Lancisi partners with Managing Director Marissa LaRose in leading the organization in diverse, equitable, and inclusive storytelling. Everyman Theatre is conveniently located in the heart of Baltimore City in the historic Bromo Arts and Entertainment District, near the corner of Fayette and Eutaw and steps away from the historic, newly renovated, Lexington Market.