Enjoy the full QUEENS GIRL TRILOGY EXPERIENCE, ALL performed at Everyman Theatre, including: 

Queens Girl in the World (featuring Dawn Ursula), Queens Girl in Africa (featuring Erika Rose), Queens Girl: Black in the Green Mountains (commissioned by Everyman and featuring Felicia Curry), plus a one-of-a-kind conversation with the powerhouse women behind the Trilogy, Queens Girl: An Inside Look, featuring playwright Caleen Sinnette Jennings, Director Paige Hernandez, and the three transcendent actors who brought Jacqueline Marie Butler to life! 

We're so excited to bring this unprecedented trilogy to you in the comfort of your home.

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QUEENS GIRL IN THE WORLD featuring Dawn Ursula (produced at Everyman in 2019)
Queens Girl in the World looks at one young woman’s journey of self-discovery at the onset of the Civil Rights-era. It chronicles the misadventures of bright-eyed, brown-skinned Jacqueline Marie Butler, whose sudden transfer from a protective, middle class upbringing in 1950s Queens to a progressive, predominantly-Jewish private school in Greenwich Village. Funny,poignant, and filled with life — all punctuated with the irresistible sounds of Motown.

QUEENS GIRL IN AFRICA featuring Erika Rose (produced at Everyman in 2019)
The story of the spirited Jacqueline Marie Butler continues as she finds herself at a crossroads of personal and political upheaval when her family moves to Nigeria following the assassination of Malcolm X. Entertaining and uplifting, Queens Girl in Africa captures an unforgettable moment in time for a teenager abroad—when questions of self and place intertwine with the realities of homework and hormones as Jackie assuredly, hilariously navigates the energy and excitement of the 1960s.  

QUEENS GIRL: BLACK IN THE GREEN MOUNTAINS featuring Felicia Curry (just filmed safely at Everyman in November 2020)
A world premiere commissioned by Everyman, Queens Girl: Black in the Green Mountains is the final installment of Jennings’s award-winning Queens Girl series. As the Vietnam War rages and the Kent State killings ignite college campuses across the country, Jackie arrives in Vermont to begin college. Caught between wildly divergent sets of friends and influencers, Jackie is forced to confront the space between white and Black culture to find her own place in the world

QUEENS GIRLS: AN INSIDE LOOK (JOIN LIVE on Thursday, December 17 at 7pm or access On-Demand until February 4)
An artist's discussion with the incredible women behind the creation of this trilogy, playwright Caleen Sinnette Jennings, director Paige Hernandez, and the three transcendent actors who brought Jacqueline Marie Butler to life, to get an even closer look inside these incredible stories. 

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