Our Supporters

Your donation to our Annual Fund provides direct operating support that is crucial to the work that we do on stage and in our community. Thank you for your support!

Gifts listed below were received from donors between July 1, 2022 to August 15, 2023. 


Visionary ($50,000 +)

Susan W. Flanigan and George Roche

Gina and Dan Hirschhorn

Season Producer ($25,000 – $49,999)

Dr. Larry and Nancy Fishel

Dorothy H. Powe
in memory of Ethel J. Holliday

Bryan and Jennifer Rakes

Vic and Nancy Romita

Resident Company Sponsor ($10,000 – $24,999)

Brenda K. Ashworth and Donald F. Welch

Chris DiPietro

Jennifer C. Engel

Sandra D. Hess

Lisa Harris Jones and Sean Malone

Mark and Sandy Laken

Stephen and Maureen Shaul

Executive Producer ($5,000 – $9,999)

Jean Waller Brune

Mary Catherine Bunting

Shaun Carrick and Ronald Griffin

John Deermer

Walter B. Doggett III and
Joanne Doggett

Curt Lind and Linda Ettinger

Kaylie Kassap George and
Adam George

Paul Konka and Susan Dugan-Konka

Mark Paul Lehman and Kurt Davis

Kenneth C. and Elizabeth M. Lundeen

Dr. and Mrs. David and Nancy Paige

John and Marsha Ramsay

John and Sarah S. Robinson

Brooke Story

Michael B. Styer

Donald Thoms

Mark Yost and Kevin Galens

Meadow Lark Washington and
Joe Washington

Producer ($2,500 – $4,999)

Anonymous (1)

George and Frances Alderson

Emile A. Bendit and Diane Abeloff

Patricia Bettridge

Winnie and Neal Borden

Eva and Warren Brill

Courtney Bruno

Paul and Kathleen Casey

Judy Shub-Condliffe and Jack Condliffe

Ross and Michele Donehower

Barbara Glynn

Beth Goldsmith

Barry Kropf

Francine and Allan Krumholz

Colleen Martin-Lauer and Mark Lauer

Terry H. Morgenthaler and
Patrick J. Kerins

Tim Nehl and Joy Mandel

Brian and Eileen O’Rourke

Ed and Jo Orser

Dr. Steven J. Ralston and W. Robert Hair

Reid Reininger

Jim and Laura Rossman

Mark Schenerman and Amy Bober-Schenerman

Wil Love and Carl Schurr

Hugh Silcox

Ronnie Silverstein

Martha P. Stein

Associate Producer ($1,000-$2,499)

Anonymous (4)

Mark and Susan Adams

Robert and Jane Amtmann

Penny Bank

Bruce and Polly Behrens

Allyson Black Woodson

Bruce Blum

Michael Booth and Kristine Smets

Robert R. Bowie, Jr.

Richard Bozzelli

Livio and Diane Broccolino

David Brown

Edie Brown

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Brown

Jeanne Brush

Virginia Campbell

David Cane

Diane E. Cho and David W. Benn

Keith and Katy Couch

Jane W. Daniels

Tootsie Duvall

Barry and Susan Eisenberg

Anne Elixhauser

Carol and Tim Evans

Emlyn and Pierce Flanigan

Ms. Susan Sachs Fleishman

Brian Flowers and Eliza Gould

Debra and Maurice Furchgott

Praveena Gadam

Sandra Levi Gerstung

Norma Snow-Goldberg

Catherine Hammond

Donald Hicken

Alan and Trisha Hoff

Hope Hollander

Paul M. Holmes

Phyllis and Joe Johnson

Shirley A. Kaufman

Ernest and Donna Kovacs

Evelyn S. Krohn

Vincent Lancisi and Robin Vanscoy

Marissa LaRose and Travis Andrews

Paul and Jill Levine

Gayle Levy and Martin Barber

James MacNicholl and
Sara Lombardo

Marjorie and Scott McDowell

Barry Mersky and Elizabeth Trexler

Steven Morris

Gerry Mullan and William Sweet

Tim Nehl and Joy Mandel

Betsy Nelson

Bruce R. Nelson and Richard Goldberg

Ruth Nolan

Robert J. and Patricia S. Orr

Faye E. Pines

Gary and Leslie Plotnick

Mark and Joanne Pollak

Elenor Reid

Anne Marie Richards

Dr. and Mrs. Paul and Mary Roberts

Wendy S. Rosen and Richard Weisman

Rona and Arthur Rosenbaum

Robert Russell in memory of Lelia Russell

Nancy Dalsheimer Savage

Norm and Lee Sensinger

Sue Shaner and John Roberts

Harvey and Debbie Singer

Bob and Jackie Smelkinson

Bob and Terri Smith

Julia Smith

Susan Spencer and John Spencer

Joneath A. Spicer

Ruth and Chuck Spivak

Marilyn Steinmetz

Shale D. Stiller and
The Honorable Ellen M. Heller

James Stofan and William Law

Jessica Strauss and
The Honorable André Davis

Lynne Stuart

Sheldon and Victoria Switzer

Louis B. Thalheimer and Juliet A. Eurich

Elizabeth Trimble

Ellie Wang

Joe and Debra Weinberg

Dr. and Mrs. Myron and Linda Weisfeldt

Barbara Coleman White

Wolman Family Fund

Director ($500-$999)

Anonymous (2)

Baiba Abrams

Brad and Lindsay Alger

Suzanne Antisdel

Dale Balfour

Greg Baranoski and Lucio Gama

John and Carolyn Boitnott

Patty Bond

Michael Borowitz and Barbara Crain

Mr. and Mrs. A. Stanley Brager, Jr.

Paul and Jane Brickman

Peter and Eileen Broido

Jeffrey Budnitz and Siobhan
O’Brien Budnitz

Kristen Cannito

Evelyn Cannon and James Casey

Jan Caughlan

Ann Clapp

Arnold Clayman

Fred Cogswell

Samuel Cohen and Joan Piven

Judith Cooper

Nancy Cormeny

Harlan and Jean Cramer

Ryan Dalusung

Dr. Chi Dang

Bill Eggbeer

John Eisenberg

The Raymond Family Fund

Gary Felser and Debra Brown Felser

Kimberly and Christopher Field

Don Firmani and Janet Esch

Merle and David Fishman

Donna Flynn

Paul Fowler

Beth Gansky

Suzan Garabedian

Tom and Lora Gentile

Mark and Patti Gillen

Martha and Tad Glenn

Dorothy Gold and Jim Wolf

Herbert and Harriet Goldman

Judith A. Gottlieb

Caroline Griffin and Henry E. Dugan, Jr.

Donald M. and Dorothy W. Gundlach

Robert and Cheryl Guth

Fritzi K. and Robert J. Hallock

Jane Halpern

Carol and Joe Hamilton

William Hamilton and Paula Jackson

James F. Hart

Suzanne Hill

Michael Hirschhorn and Jimena Martinez

Paul M. Holmes

Dr. Carl Shanholtz and Dr. Ruth Horowitz

Greg Huff and Pamela Pasqualini

Ruth B Hurwitz

Idy and Jennie Iglehart

Daniel Jacoby

Jean Jacocks

Nina Knoche

Ron and Marianne Kreitner

Toni and Evan Krometis

Jonna and Fred Lazarus

Mary and Ron Leach

Peter Levy and Diane Krejsa

Brendan Lilley

Bruce Lindstrom

Fred and Judy Lobbin

Linda and Jim Loesch

Eric and Stephanie Nislow

Richard Manichello and
Margo Halle

Michael and Lois Mannes

Jeanne E. Marsh

Ms. Jane E. Meyer

Stan and Laurie Miller

Rima Namek

Linda Nevaldine

Andrew and Sharon Nickol

Elaine Niefeld

Lewis and Dee Noonberg

Drs. Mary O’Connor and
Charles King

Jerry and Gail Oppel

Carl and Carol Oppenheim

Justine and Ken Parezo

William and Susan Paznekas

Dr. Fred Pearson

Judith Pittman

Terry and Alan Reed

Drew and Ryan Reis

Larry Koppelman and Liz Ritter

Harriet Roberts

Naomi Robin and Gerald Gleason

Daniel Rodricks and Lillian Donnard

Kristin Rowles and Paul Ferraro

Gayle Barney and Jean Savina

Dr. Alan Schwartz and Dr. Carla Rosenthal

Temmie and Ronald Shade

David and Sarah H. Shapiro

Stephen and Gail Shawe

Patricia Smeton

Michele Speaks and David Warnock

Mr. and Mrs. Edward St. John

Damie and Diane Stillman

Eileen and Philip Toohey

JoAnn Tracey

Bruce and Susan Vaupel

Susan and Hutch Vernon

Maria Wawer

Peggy Widman

Peter Ayers Wimbrow, III

Joseph and Valerie Yingling

Carol Yoder

Lawrence J. Yumkas and Miriam Fisher

Playwright ($250-$499)

Anonymous (4)

Walter and Rita Abel

Lissa Abrams and
Abe Wasserberger

Tom Abrams

Dr. and Mrs. N. Franklin Adkinson

Bonnie Allan

Dr. Sania Amr

Jann Barber

Thomas and Christine Barth

Richard & Kathleen Baum

George and Christina Beneman

Thomas Benner

Dr. Wendy M. Berlinrood

Wayne and Betty Bethards

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Bethell

Pat Blanchard

Lisa Blue

Leonor Blum

Jan Boyce

Mark and Christina Braun

Lew and Vicki Bringman

Bob and Annie Brown

Charles Browne, III and Rod Cook

Carol Eakin-Burdette

Jim and Sue Burger

Dr. Elizabeth Burin and
Dr. Avishai Ben-David

Anthony and Eleanor Carey

Vivian Chu

Joseph and Barbara Cirelli

Dawna M. Cobb

Ms. Marcia Cohen

Stanton and Elsa Collins

Will and Carol Cooke

Betty and Stephen Cooper

David Cox and Joanna Miskelly Cox

Mary Cumming

Ms. Anita DiGiorgio

Chris and Mary Alane Downs

Jodi Dunn and Peter Bouxsein

Deborah Duskey

Anne Efron

Dr. Frank Eisenberg and
Ms. Catherine Blake

Neil and Deborah Eisenberg

Charles Emerson Walker, PhD

Dr. Mary Anne Facciolo and
Dr. Michael Repka

Tony and Jaymee Farinacci

John Farley

Barbara Fegley

John and Dorothy Foellmer

Benedict Frederick

Dr. and Mrs. Ivan Scott Fried

Claire Galed

Jill and Ira Gansler

Roseanne Gerin

Sue Glick

Gary Goldberg and Patricia Meisol

Marci Gordon and Andrew Barnstein

Dale Gorsuch

Sydell Gould

Hannah and Thorne Gould

Greg Baranoski and Lucio Gama

Kathleen Gregory

Charles Henck and Karen Malloy

Robert and Sandra Hillman

Jessica Iannetta

Linda Ibex

Judith Iliff

Jencks Family Fund

Caleen Sinnette Jennings

Michael Kannen and
Maria Lambros Kannen

Bridget and Sean Keen

Mr. and Mrs. D. Brooks Kitchel II

Joan G. Klein

Charles Kuning

Dr. and Mrs. R. Kuppers

Dr. and Mr. Moira and Paul Larsen

Beth Lebow

W.J. Lederer and Jennie Rothschild

Gregory Lehne

Dorothy Lennig and Skip Krause

Aaron and Jill Levin

Faye & Morris Levine

Freddi Lipstein and Scott Richard Berg

Gail Long

Mark Lowitt

Jerry and Betty Maizlish

Patrick Martyn and Eric Lomboy

Dr. Wendy Matt

Judy and David Mauriello

Marnell Cooper

Phyllis McIntosh

Nancy Mead

Corinne Meijer

Greer Meisels and Weston Konishi

Kathleen Howard Meredith

Joseph and Jane Meyer

Elizabeth K. Moser

Justine and David Muyu

Annette Nagler

Barry Narlines

Nancy Nasrallah

Susan Noyes

Joseph J. O’Hare

Ira and Nancy Oring

Thomas L. and Leslie V. Owsley

Patricia Palmer

Richard and Linda Pauli

Mary Plaine and Ellie Eines

Carolyn I. Polowy

Sandra and Thomas Poole

Wayne and Ana Lucia Porter

Bob and Shirley Prue

Thomas Queeney

Nancy Rabin

Paternayan-Ramsden Fund of the BCF

James Reynolds and Susan Soohoo

Marge Ricci

Mary Ellen Rinehardt

Nicole Ruocco

Al Russell

Arnold and Monica Sagner

Richard and Kayleen Saucier

Judi and George Seal

Robert Sears

Dr. Carl Shanholtz and Dr. Ruth Horowitz

Keith and Jennifer Shapiro

Carole Simon

Linda and Kirby Smith

Richard and Cathy Snellinger

Susan Somerville-Hawes

Ron and Judy Sperling

Eric and Ellie Stang

Katherine Stanka

S. H. Stroud

Doris Styche Sweet

Michael Terrin

Rosemary Frisino Toohey

Ian Tresselt and Joseph Rooney

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Trojan

Drs. Nancy Kass and Sean Tunis

Rose Viscardi

Geoff and Betsy Wadsworth

Louise Wagner

Sandra Wighton

Onaje Williams

Richard Willing

Dennis Wilson

Donald and Jerriann Wilson

W. Stanley Wilson

Lucy Wright

Linda H. Yienger

Marvin and Sheila Zelkowitz

Mr. and Mrs. H. Ronald Zielke

Tribute Gifts

in memory of William Bettridge
Yifan Xie and Xiaomei Li

in memory of Stanley Brown
Norman and Rosellen Bloomberg

in memory of William T Brown
Jane Nitsch

in memory of Sue Bryant
Ms. Hazel P. Hall

in memory of Suzanne S Cane
Suzanne and David Cane

in memory of Eileen B Caslow
Bonnie Allan

in honor of Diane Cho
Dr. P.B. North

in memory of Eunice Chomicz
Susan Chomicz Bowman

in memory of Madeline Cohen
Ms. Marcia Cohen

in memory of Mollie Eisenberg
Neil and Deborah Eisenberg

in memory of Franklin Eppig
Barbara Brunk

in honor of Daniel Ettinger and in memory of Susi Ettinger
Curt Lind and Linda Ettinger

in honor of the entire Cast and Crews at Everyman Theatre
Dawna M. Cobb
James F. Hart
Joy and Steve Sakamoto-Wengel

in honor of James R. Eyler
Roger and Nancy Eyler

in memory of Jacques Fein
Judith Iliff

in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Larry and Nancy Fishel
David and Ann Poltilove

in honor of Susan Flanigan
Bill O’Brien

in memory of Chrystie Goles
Patrick and Catherine Goles

in honor of Deborah Hazlett
Doris Ridenour

in memory of James William “Bill” Heil
Karen Heil Pat and Walton Miller

in memory of Tana Hicken
John Dow

in honor of Noah Himmelstein
Debbie, Eileen, and Lari Handelman
Ken and Ellen Himmelstein

in memory of Ethel J. Holliday
Dorothy H. Powe

in honor of Jean K./Sr. R
Don Firmani

in honor of Caleen Sinnette Jennings
Carl Jennings

in honor of Ben Kantt
Susie Kantt

in memory of Jacqui Lampell
Margaret Williams

in memory of Jack Lapides
Bernard and Steffi Liberman

in honor of Mark Paul Lehman
Jeffrey Budnitz and Siobhan O’Brien Budnitz
Deborah Duskey

in honor of Jennifer Litchman
Nancy Gordon

in honor of Jonathan Margolis

in honor of Brianna McCoy
Donald and Deborah Letourneau

in honor of H. Joseph Meyer
Claire Galed

in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Miller
Frank X. Gallagher, Jr.

in honor of Stephanie Moore
Carole B. Hamlin and C. Fraser Smith*

in honor of Bruce Randolph Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. D. Brooks Kitchel II

in memory of Jan Kucher-Patenaude
Jim Kucher

in honor of Sylvia and BIll Rath
Polly E. Heninger

in honor of The Resident Company
Jean Waller Brune

in honor of Elizabeth Rice
Steven Falk and Claire Landers

in honor of George Roche
Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Charitable Funds

in honor of Molly Rosner
Gary Rosner and Naomi Goldstick

in memory of Raymond Susumu Sakamoto
Joy and Steve Sakamoto-Wengel

in honor of Hon. Paul S. Sarbanes
Judith Carr

in memory of Tommy Schweizer
Frances Schweizer

in memory of Marcie Shriver’s father
First English Lutheran Preschool

in honor of Stephen Sondheim
Lisa and Charles Shubow

in memory of Stephen Sondheim and Barbara Cook
Joe Schmigel

in honor of Judith Ann Whalan
Peter Ayers Wimbrow, III

in memory of Michael Zareski
Lisa and Charles Shubow


We make every effort to provide accurate recognition of our wonderful donors. Should any edits or updates need to be made for the below list, please contact the Development Office, 443-615-7055 x7500 or development@everymantheatre.org.

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