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Share Everyman Theatre performances directly with your classroom or department through our Virtual Field Trip program.

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Pre-Show Workshops – $100

Streamed Performances – $149-$300 per classroom

Post-Show Discussions – $125

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Respond thoughtfully to diverse perspectives, summarize points of agreement and disagreement, and, when warranted, qualify or justify their own views and understanding and make new connections in light of the evidence and reasoning presented.


Analyze how an author’s choices concerning how to structure specific parts of a text (e.g., the choice of where to begin or end a story, the choice to provide a comedic or tragic resolution) contribute to its overall structure and meaning as well as its aesthetic impact.

HS TH: C2-1

A. Explore the function of history and culture in the development of a dramatic concept through a critical analysis of original ideas in a drama/theatre work.

B.Investigate the collaborative nature of the actor, director, playwrights, and designers to explore their interdependent roles in a drama/theatre work.

MD SS-HS: 5.0

Students shall inquire about significant events, ideas, beliefs, and themes to identify patterns and trends and to analyze how individuals and societies have changed over time to make connections to the present in their communities, Maryland, the United States, and the world.

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