Winter Classes

We are proud to offer artistic skill-building for students as young as three and as old as ninety-nine! There is something for everyone at Everyman Theatre.


Pre-K – K (Ages 3-5 years) | For our youngest artists, we excite the imagination, channel creative energy, and build social-emotional skills through dramatic play.

Creative Mates: Ages 3 – 5

ANIMAL ADVENTURES! | January 23 – February 27
Have you ever wanted to have the trunk of an elephant? The tail of a lemur? Or the wings of a bat? Then get ready for a big adventure! Come explore the animal kingdom through drama and dance! The last session features an open class where we welcome families into the space to see the highlights of our animal adventures. (First 15 mins are cool up time)
Registration Deadline:
 January 9
Time: Tuesdays, 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Tuition: $190


AROUND THE WORLD! | January 25 – February 29
Make sure you have your passport for this international journey! Students will engage with different cultures through drama and music.The last session features is an open class where we welcome families into the space to see the highlights of our travels. (First 15 mins are cool up time)
Registration Deadline:
 January 4
Time: Thursdays, 4:15pm – 5:15pm
Tuition: $190



K – Grade 8 | Dive into the world of a story. Embrace each class a part of a larger journey as students hone their actor’s tools of body, voice, imagination, focus and heart!

Story Explorers: Grades K – 2

MYSTERY TALES! | January 25 – February 29
Calling all sleuths to help us solve a storied mystery! Each week students will be immersed in mystery as they are introduced to theatrical language and the actor’s tools. Creative drama takes center stage as young detectives gather clues each class and complete the ultimate artistic mission! This class features a final sharing of highlights of their class for family.
Registration Deadline:
 January 4
Time: Thursdays, 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Tuition: $200


STORY PERFORMERS: Anansi and the Talking Melon! January 20 – March 9
Join is in the journey of creative play as we bring the story to life! Students’ imagination is celebrated through an exploration of music, dance, drama, and visual art! Each class students will stage a play based on the story: Anansi and the Talking Melon.They will embrace the work of the ensemble as they bring this story from the page to the stage. This class will culminate in a final sharing of their play for family and friends.
Registration Deadline:
 January 6
Time: Saturdays, 12:15pm – 1:15pm
Tuition: $200


Play Builders: Grades 3 – 5

MONOLOGUE MADLIBS | January 20 – March 9
In this unique play-making experience, students write and perform their original work which culminates in a showcase to share with family and friends at the completion of 8 weeks. Focusing on the actor’s tools and leaning into the devising process, they will write and perform their own monologues, learning how to score monologues for dynamic and nuanced performance. Special skill highlights include key design workshops along the way! 
Registration Deadline:
 January 6
Time: Saturdays, 10:30am – 12:00pm
Tuition: $260


Theatre Makers: Grades 6 – 8

MUSICAL THEATRE SUITCASE | January 27 – March 16
Each week, unpack a different musical. Over the course of eight sessions embrace the story, movement and music languages of these pieces. Learn the historical importance, explore choreography sequences, and examine the lyrics as monologue. This is a musical theatre sampler and culminates in a recorded expression to share with family and friends.
Registration Deadline:
 January 13
Time: Saturdays, 10:15am – 11:45am
Tuition: $275


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Does Everyman offer financial assistance or scholarships?

Need-Based Scholarship Support
We encourage you to apply for a need-based scholarship by completing this FORM. Our need-based Creative Journey scholarship awards range to cover a portion of the tuition. While funding is limited, we work hard to accept as many students as possible throughout the year. Scholarship Applications can be submitted on a rolling basis.

Once I purchase a class, what is my next step?

Once a class is purchased, Everyman Theatre’s Education Team will reach out with a Welcome email and Registration form at least one-week before the class starts. Please complete the registration form within three business days. 

Will there be a final performance?

Youth class experiences: We welcome the chance for families and loved ones to share in the creative growth and artistic creations that students undergo during a class experience through a culminating event. This culminating event may also be an in-class performance for students at the end of their progression and at the discretion of our Teaching Artist. 

Early childhood classes: Each class series ends with an open class, where family members and loved ones join their student for a class session with their student. For youth classes (K-8), each class series culminates in a final sharing or performance on the last day of class where students can share the skills and projects, they have been developing over the class sessions. Each final sharing will look different based on the grade level and course content. More detailed information about each culminating event will be shared with enrolled families during the class series. Culminating events may also be an in-class performance for students at the end of their progression and at the discretion of our Teaching Artist. 

I am unable to take a program I purchased, what is Everyman’s education programs refund policy?

All class sales are final sale: This means there will be no refunds. No exceptions, unless one of the following applies:  

Withdrawal from a class: While we know that plans shift, we strive to provide exceptional service and programming for all students. This includes attendance for ensemble building. If you must withdraw, you will receive a credit that can be used towards any class in our current season. Class credits expire on June 30th, of any given season or school year. Be sure to use them before this date. 

Youth Summer Experiences: You are entitled to a partial refund of 50% of the class tuition if you withdraw at least one (1) month prior to the summer session’s start date and 25% of class tuition if you withdraw two (2) weeks prior to your summer session start date. Any time after these dates will receive no refund. 

Scholarship Recipients: Should you miss more than 3-class offering during any program offering your scholarship is awarded for, you will be removed from programming with no refund or class credit.

When should I register for my class?

Note that each class description includes a registration deadline. We recommend you register as soon as possible to ensure your space, but the registration deadline is typically two weeks prior to the first class date.  

Have teens that might like to get involved?

We have programming for them, too!