The Chinese Lady

October 22 - November 19
By Lloyd Suh
Directed by Nana Dakin
The Chinese Lady portrait picture


baltimore Premiere

Be transported on a journey of discovery and enlightenment by Lloyd Suh’s critically acclaimed play, The Chinese Lady. Inspired by the true story of Afong Moy, believed to be the first Chinese woman to set foot in America in 1834, this play follows her to New York, where she is destined to become a living curiosity in a museum. As she becomes well-known as a commodified oddity, she struggles to maintain her sense of self and her connection to her heritage. This powerful, moving, and often humorous tribute to a woman who spent her life trying to bridge the gap between East and West serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle for understanding across cultural divides.

“The Chinese Lady” has important things to say and leaves an impression that lingers long after it ends.”
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“History plays land the best when they feel present and relevant. And this Chinese Lady is present and relevant.”

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PRODUCTION EFFECTS: Simulated smoking by actors on stage.

CONTENT TRANSPARENCY: The central character of The Chinese Lady, Afong Moy, fearlessly shares her story which includes authentic accounts of historical anti-Asian violence and unfiltered descriptions of cultural exotification. Your comfort and well-being are important to us. If you have further inquiries, please contact us at 410.752.2208 or

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Interview with director Nana Dakin
(part 1)
Interview with director Nana Dakin
(part 2)
Interview with actor Tuyết Thị Phạm on playing the role of Afong Moy (part 1) 
Actors Tuyết Thị Phạm (Afong Moy) and Đavid Lee Huỳnh (Atung) discuss their roles in THE CHINESE LADY
Interview with actor Tuyết Thị Phạm on playing the role of Afong Moy (part 2) 
Interview with actor Đavid Lee Huỳnh on playing the role of Atung (part 1)



Everyman Company Everyman Resident Company
Tuyết Thị Phạm
Tuyết Thị Phạm Afong Moy
Đavid Lee Huỳnh
Đavid Lee Huỳnh Atung

Artistic + Creative Team

Meghan Raham
Scenic Design
Debra Kim Sivigny
Costume Design
Emma Deane
Lighting Design
Tosin Olufolabi
Sound Design
Denise O'Brien
Wig Design
Kate Kilbane
Stage Manager
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