• Can I purchase my subscription renewal online or do I have to call?

    You can purchase online TODAY, or at any point during the season. No need to call or wait on hold or even wait for the mail!

  • What is Everyman doing to address safety?

    We are committed to creating and maintaining as safe of an environment as possible based on the guidance of public health officials and state and local government. We’ve outlined a list of the practices and policies we have implemented at Everyman to make coming to the theatre as safe as possible. Check our SAFETY@EVERYMAN page for full details and updates as they become available.

  • Can I still access the season if I’m still not comfortable coming back in-person?

    YES! We understand that returning to the theatre in-person may not happen as soon for some as others. That's okay! You are able to purchase DIGITAL access for the entire season so you can continue viewing Great Stories, Well Told from home!

  • Why can’t I just get my regular seat?

    Because we've recently updated seating ZONES and made minor configuration adjustments we cannot guarantee the exact same seats that you have enjoyed in past seasons. We will, however, make every possible effort to get you in or as close as possible to the seats you know and love.

  • What if I always attend with my friend who purchases a subscription for the seat next to me?

    When you place your order, you will be given the opportunity to tell us who you like to attend with. Keeping social distancing in mind, we will do our best to seat you as close to your friends and family as safety and availability will allow.

  • What if I have money on my account from the 2019/20 season?

    If you chose to keep the funds from last season’s subscription on your account, thank you for helping to carry us through!  Good News - You can use that money towards your renewed 2020/21 subscription purchase! Give our Box Office a call at 410.752.2208, Monday through Friday, 9am - 6pm, to discuss options of applying these funds or wait to receive your Renewal Letter Packet by mail with further instructions.

  • If I feel safe to attend in person later in the season and I want to switch from a digital to an in-person ticket, can I?

    Absolutely, yes! If you purchase an a DIGITAL ONLY - Video On Demand (VOD) subscription package and you’re feeling better about joining us in-person at ANY point along the way, just call the Box Office and they will upgrade your subscription at the best-available subscribers' rate. Because you are switching from at-home to in-person, there will be a per ticket upcharge per show, but this will always be better than the single ticket price.

  • How do I purchase parking?

    You may use parking passes from past seasons at the parking garage and purchase additional passes on a show-by-show basis. Call our Box Office for more details on the day of your show.

  • Do you have any guides on how to play your videos?

    Yes, we have created a FAQs that include helpful hints and how-to videos on playing our virtual events on many devices. CLICK HERE to view and download this documant

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