Summer @ Everyman

Everyman Theatre is proud to offer full-day, full-week summer programming for students entering Grades K – 8, as well as adult summer experiences.

Summer is a time to celebrate the imagination, learn through play, and to embrace the joy of collaboration!


Summer Experience FAQs

Does Everyman offer financial assistance or scholarships?

Need-Based Scholarship Support
We encourage you to apply for a need-based scholarship by completing this FORM. Our need-based Creative Journey scholarship awards range to cover a portion of the tuition. While funding is limited, we work hard to accept as many students as possible throughout the year. Scholarship Applications can be submitted on a rolling basis.

Payment Plans for Summer Camp
We can split a payment up into a maximum of three installments. We ask that a deposit of 25% of the camp tuition be made up front, and then the second and third installments can be arranged more personally. We do ask that the full camp tuition is received no later than the second day of camp. Interested in setting up a payment plan? Simply email and indicate which camp, the student name, and their grade. 

When do I need to register for Summer Experiences?

Note that each Summer Experience description includes a registration deadline. We recommend you register as soon as possible to ensure your space, but the registration deadline is typically three weeks prior to the start of camp.

I purchased a Summer Experience. Now what?

After you purchasing, we will send an informational email full of goodies for you about the Summer Experiences one week prior to the first day and then again a few days before. 

Where can I learn about safety protocols for students?

Safety is always at the forefront of our decision-making. We update our safety policies by semester. To see our current guidelines, click here.


Each semester, we highlight the Teaching Artists who are currently spreading the love of Theatre Education through our current classes.

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